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The Vermont Movie: Refuge, Reinvention, and Revolution

Part Three – Refuge, Reinvention and Revolution

Come enjoy an exciting look at how Vermonters have been on the cutting edge of all kinds of movements.  Refreshments and discussion following with filmmaker Alan Berolzheimer.

In the mid-20th century, political pioneers like Bill Meyer, a Congressman who challenged the Cold War,and Governor Phil Hoff, whose 1962 victory set the stage for historic change, rose to take the lead in state politics.

Innovation was everywhere: in the work of “talented tinkerers” like Snowake Bentley and Thaddeus Fairbanks, in the rise of IBM, and in the creation of the Interstate highways. We see the pros and cons of the highways--the high price of “eminent domain.”

Revolution was in the air—rare archival footage provides a vivid look at the "hippies," the realities of communal life and the paths of members of the counter-culture who established roots in Vermont.

Who changed whom?