We hope you like the options you can get from this service. There are a few things you’ll need to get in place first.  Keep in mind you will need to complete these steps (once) for each computer you on which you use the ListenUpVermont service.

     Below is a list of steps to get into the swing of things. Don't let the number of words on this page intimidate you!  Keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words... so all the text here describes a few fairly simple actions. We're more than delighted to walk you through this. If it's during library hours, we may even be able to do it over the phone!


STEP 1.     Get your computer ready with the Overdrive software.

     Mac users,    Windows 8 & 10 users,   and users of Windows 7 (and previous)  each have suitable versions to download. Choose and install the appropriate version of the OverDrive Media Console for your computer; you can find this by scrolling down to the bottom of the Console webpage here If you have problems installing any of these, please contact the library  (Phone: 802-889-9404)  or see if the Overdrive help files can help.

Alternatively, if you are only using a mobile device you can try the Libby App which allows you to use the GooglePlay, ITunes, and Microsoft store to download audiobooks.  Note: This app has caused some problems for some users. If this happens, you can always download the MediaConsole for your computer to download an audiobook-- and then transfer it to a device to listen. 

Once you've got the software installed-- you're most of the way there!   


STEP 2.     Get your number. 

         Now contact the library to get your patron card number. (You’ve probably never had to know it before.)  For this site, you'll use the the last eight digits of your card number.   


STEP 3.    Go to the ListenUpVermont website and Sign in.    

       To do this use our library's shortcut link, or go to listenupvermont.org and select  "Tunbridge Library" from the drop-down menu. (The easiest way may be to go to the drop-down menu and type"T" till you see 'Tunbridge Library.')  Then Enter your eight digit number in the box provided. You're in!


STEP 4.    Find a book you’d like to listen to on the ListenUpVermont.org website. 

        The Subject and Collections links on the upper left are handy ways to find something that look good.  You can also search for specific titles and authors by clicking on the search (magnifying glass) icon near the books icon in the upper right. 


STEP 5.    "Check OUt" a Book. 

      Click "Borrow" and you'll get a chance to choose whether you want access to this audiobook  for 7 days or 14 days.  Once you've selected the check out period you want, click "Borrow" again.  


STEP 6.    Get the book on to your computer.

   You can then "Download" the audiobook to your computer, or "Listen" on the browser-- which is easy if you plan to listen on your device while you've got an internet connection.

STEP 7. Once you're done, just Sign Out (if you like)...

and Enjoy!

Please note that downloadable E-books are also available from ListenUpVermont. The process is similar, only you must also sign up for an Adobe account and download Adobe Digital Editions before you get started.