September 21, 2014


Board of Trustees Meeting- Minutes

4:00 PM Sunday, September 21st, 2014

In attendance: Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Anne Mallary, Anita Abbot, Elaine Howe, Kay Jorgensen


 Please see Jenn's outline of the meeting that was given out for specifics. This meeting minutes will only cover the most salient points outlined, as a lot of material was discussed.

 The group was given an outline of the talk, then we gave our names, our personal histories with the library, and one or two things that we treasured about our library. Jenn kept notes on an easel for later reference. Jenn generously donated her services to us, and gave the trustees ideas to increase and change our current revenue system.

 Current fundraising at the library was discussed, amounts of our recent events given:

    $8000. Plant/Book/Bake Sales

    $500. Town Dinner

    $8000. Fundraising Letter

    $2000. from Friends of the Library

    $5000. from Trustees of Public Funds

Our Expenses were put at $75,000.


New Opportunities: Targeted Letters

    Are we sending letters to local businesses?

    Are we adding all new residents as opposed to library patrons?

    Would two letters be better than one?

 Some More Letter Ideas:

                    Thank Yous for what you (patron) have given; here is what is being done with your monies…

                     On the reverse side of the fundraising letters: Bulleted lists for what is ahead at the TPL in 2015; e.g., Writing Workshops, ArtSpace, Winter Evenings, Story Hour…Jean beautifully                  accomplished this with the Winter Evenings Schedule on one half of a postcard and the other side listing TPL library hours, days open, etc., several years ago.

                     Use Google Docs so we can share our thoughts and ideas as we write these letters collectively.

 New Opportunities: Face-to-Face Requests

Jenn discussed ways to thank and acknowledge our gift givers along with thank you letters; she suggested taking this to another level by actively engaging patrons, listening to their answers to your questions.

          e.g. : Ask a parent(s) How can we improve Story Hour? Listen!


          Can you volunteer your time in lieu of money to help the library? Jenn asked us to think about how much do volunteer hours save the library as a great starting point for this conversation.           Statistically, according to Jenn, if people give more volunteering time, they give more money.


          Ask patrons for advice. Listen! Think about how you can meet people where they are?


          Ask to increase annual giving.


          Ask to consider a legacy gift.


Next Steps


Find others like yourselves who can help the library, think of two people like you, perhaps there are 30-40 more people in the community who feel as passionately about the library and its future.

Do we need a volunteer coordinator?

Do we have programs for kids/teens? Child care?

Encourage the next generation: younger families will be the future trustees and patrons and donors to the library- get them EXCITED about the library, and never forget the previous donors (M. Sporn).

Let people know that they can bequest to the library in your November 2014 Fundraising Letter.

Create a Legacy Society?

Take two library trustees and go to peoples' houses (larger donors). Come well prepared to answer many questions. Can also meet at the library.


Many points to ponder, Jenn graciously offered her services pro bono, and we must write her a thank you signed by all of us…maybe one of Donna's thank you cards at the library?

 Next scheduled meeting: Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 6:00PM