January 12, 2014

Tunbridge Public Library Trustees Meeting

Secretary's Report- In attendance: Ben, Jean and David Wolfe, Anne Mallary, co-chairs Catherine Freese and Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot

 January 12, 2014

·       Community Input: Fred Pond wants to suggest programs for the new addition room, e.g., VT Coverts Group (book group & discussion) of which he is a member. Anne Peters is a new library volunteer on Thursdays to help Jean Wolfe. A holiday reading program was also suggested. The Tunbridge Fair group is now having their monthly meetings at the library.

·       Secretary's Report: Barbara Kohn resigned in November, 2013. The resignation was handed into the town hall, and we received our notice from her by telephone.  Then, the remaining TPL trustees and library staff put together and stuffed the TPL fund drive letters for the remainder of the meeting.

·       Treasurer's Report: Anne Mallary gave us information that the December and November credit card bill statements did not seem to be paid. (FYI: Anne Fragnella, town treasurer, reported to me the following Monday that they had been automatically paid.) The trustee board members must remember to sign the statements in a timely manner, and the statements must have "Disbursements" clearly written out on every one. $6,794.00 was received as of this date from the fund raising letter ($8,575.00 from 2013). $300.00 to town tax and mowing was added to Maxine Young's report. The checking account has a $5,599.68 balance; savings account $43.82 (Anne Fragnella will close this account very soon and move the money to the checking account, due to high fees to maintain small accounts from Lake Sunapee Bank. I was also told all of the town's accounts may in the future be moved to a Vermont bank such as Mascoma Bank.)  Total interest paid was $6.36. The Trustees of Public Funds Account is $131, 643.78. Someone suggested if it would be possible to take money to increase (budget) salaries at the library for the rest of this fiscal year. The trustees should not have to ask for money until May, $10,000.00 to be taken out then from Friends.

·       Librarian Report: Jean Wolfe: Winter Evenings lecture series and the Archive room continuing meetings have been very time consuming. Therefore, other matters have been slowed way down such as catalogue processing data. A suggestion is to start Winter Evenings earlier in the year, with face to face meetings, so as to take pressure off Ben and Jean Wolfe.

·       Grant Report: Vermont Birth to Three (non registered child caring providers) gave Sue Barnaby a $4,000.00 grant (one of five in-state grants awarded!) which will begin in February and go through May, then September to November 30, 2014. Anne Fragnella was apprised of this the Monday after this meeting. One question brought up was: How do we present this grant to the town report (2015)? Additionally, copies of all written work from Jean Wolfe and Sue Barnaby must be given to Anne Fragnella.  Additionally, Jean Wolfe told us of the large tear in the new counter underlayment in the meeting room. Ben Wolfe volunteered to call George White, the contractor for the room, to fix this.

·       Update on Archive Room: Euclid Farnham, Kay Jorgenesen, Elaine Howe, Fred Pond, Anita Abbot and Mick McGuire met on January 5, 2014 in the archive room to discuss all pertinent concerns. Mick McGuire volunteered his time as a facilitator to hone down all of our thoughts, needs, and desires for the space into definitive, doable goals. He did an excellent job. The meeting ended with the following directives:         Euclid arranging for the electrical tradesman Alan Stender to complete work immediately on : electrical outlet plan and placement / lighting and fixture build-out / new breaker box/ internet wiring. The second step for the archive room is wall framing, fixing clerestory windows (secure from vandalism). As well as wall framing, carpentry, new door, fixing leaks, and partitioning the furnace space. Two new bids have been received by local contractors Michael Gross and Justin Ferro to address this needs in a timely fashion.

·       Also, the Tunbridge Historical Society met on January 19th, (Anne Mallary attended), in the archives room and this is some of what transpired: Mick wants to stay on a two-week meeting schedule. The contractors submitted bids, this time $1,000.00 apart, and not easy to compare. It was voted to have Ben and Euclid work with them and reach an agreement with one for no more than $6,000.00 and four weeks of work. The furnace room door has to be made fireproof, (various configurations) and if the ducts have to be taken down or the sheet rock can be cut around them to reach the ceiling.Fred Pond raised some good points about what needs to be said if someone at town meeting asks what is going on in the basement, and what the agreement with the town/library trustees is and who is responsible for what. And what the archives mission is.

·       Archive Room Continued: Mr. Royce who has treated the furnace before, will look into baffles to be placed into the duct work of the new furnace to secure heat in the room.  Fred Pond wanted clarification of library and Historical Society roles, a "Memo of Understanding" which shall be discussed at our next meeting January 26th.

·       Fund Raising Letter: As was previously stated, $6,794.00 was raised as of this date. Thank you note packets were passed out equally among trustees, from Jean Wolfe,  to write and mail as soon as possible.

·       Repairs to Building: Please see attachment as there are too many to write. Ben Wolfe gave us a very concise, large computer list with headings: Priority Alert~ Problem Type~General Location~ Specific Problem, so we can easily see exactly what needs to be done first. There is substantial water damage and rot to the inside and outside of the library which must be fixed as soon as possible.

·       Community Meeting Space: One group approached the library for a digital mapping and seminar, however, they needed $100.00. They were informed by the staff that the library cannot charge but that donations are acceptable. They passed a hat and it was successful.             Jenna Dixon wanted a T'ai Chi class, and posted a "suggested donation," as she wanted to better understand our policies concerning this room, e.g. do we need heat cost donations?   The Emergency Services Management Committee has no budget...do we ask them for a donation?      The bridal shower for Jody O'Donnell- a donation was given- is it possible to open up the library for these kinds of events? Policies must be refined and made palatable to all persons wishing to use this marvelous community resource. The more clearly and simply we can tell residents and patrons our policies, the better for all concerned.