April 13, 2014

Tunbridge Public Library Trustees Meeting


Secretary's Report: In attendance-Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Anne Mallary, Sarah Scully, Anita Abbot. 

Librarian Jean Wolfe and Ben Wolfe

Community Input: Nice comments continuing for the book "Wonder." Reading Hour went very well. A 4th grader commented on the library: "Whoever built this place deserves a high five."

Secretary's Report: See above for last minutes of our informal meeting dated Sunday, March 9th. Sarah Scully absent.

Treasurer's Report: See enclosed chart handed out by Anne Mallary. Anne will send out new TPL Community Room Use Policy. It was passed by  consensus.

Librarian's Report: Story Hour has an age group: babies, toddlers, and parents. 34 children and parents attended the last Story Hour. Jody is excellent and may take off a few months off during the growing season from her duties during Story Hour. We can tap locals: Meg Hopkins, Ben Wolfe, perhaps a featured guest speaker/reader. Winter Evenings and The Vermont Movie events worked well. Donations from these purchased a public viewing DVD for the library. People attending were very generous. Elaine and Ben applied for a grant, but did not get it- a "Rural Library/Cliff Grant." We talked about Winter Evenings Committee doers and non-doers. Different roles could be assigned for the members, so the library staff is freed up at these events. Shades were purchased for the Common Room. Jean asked for mulch for the library yard. Straw, mulch, bark mulch needed. An on-going wish list to be placed on-line on the library web site was suggested by Sue. A very good idea which needs to be implemented by the library web site person(s).

Sue mentioned Family/Friends/Neighbors Grant- she has been paid (first time) and it is going "okay."

Election of Tunbridge Library Trustee Officers: Same as last year, (Catherine Freese and Sue Barnaby Co-Chairs, Anne Mallary Treasurer, Anita Abbot Secretary) ,with Sarah Scully as the new member-at-large.

Meeting Room Policy: We were given copies by Anne. The most salient points were as follows: Out of town groups and individuals are welcome to reserve the room at the  discretion of the library trustees. We are looking into the "Alcohol and Tobacco Use are Not Permitted" clause, to see if a rider is available off of the town's policy or a specific group's own rider. We, as trustees, would need a copy as well. Additionally, groups need to provide their own AV equipment. A security deposit of $30.00 was agreed upon, but not for public committees. Maximum Occupancy was also discussed, as we weren't sure if it was 35 persons. George (? last name) was to be asked.

Repairs to the Building: Justin Ferro gave Ben a $250 estimate to evaluate the library's repairs. The flashing is gone by the front roof. Gutters may be a useful solution. James Howe could possibly help as well. We used the excellent table of Identified Physical Plant Issues written by Ben Wolfe on January 12, 2014 to see the prioritized needs of the building. This chart is available for reproduction for whomever needs a copy.

Trustees Presence on Library Website: Sarah Scully will work on this. Perhaps a link to the Common Room Policy, all trustee phone numbers, etc. This was tabled for now.

Public Petitions: Tabled.

Other?: We discussed long term fund raising; Memorial Day Plant and Book Sale: Most plant volunteers are retiring this year, and new help will be needed: People to tap in this regard included Judie Lewis, Elaine Howe, Rudy Ruddel, Mary Merchant and Kathy Pope (living in Bethel now). This needs to be done as soon as possible.