June 6, 2014

Tunbridge Library Trustees Meeting
June 6, 2014  @  6:00 pm

Present:  Catherine Freese, Anne Mallary, Jean Wolfe and Sue Barnaby

-No Community Input

-The Clerk's report was read and accepted with a few changes ( see the updated minutes)

-There was an update from Anne Mallary in  the Treasurer's report as to the year end budgetary
 amounts in each category.  It was suggested to ask the Friends of the Library for $7500
* this year to help with expenses.  So moved.

-Under Old Business we looked at the Library's website together.  Ben and Sarah Scully had 
*working to update and modify the site.  We'll continue at the next meeting to share ideas
*about how to continue to make this as helpful for patrons as we can!  Nice Job so far!
-Jean said Justin Ferro, who had been doing some repairs on the library, was done with the work.
*We'll look at what's next for repairs at the July meeting.

-New Business consisted of reviewing the Memorial Day Sales.  We talked about the trustees' 
*responsibilities to the sale and the town meeting dinner, too.  The discussion ended with
*the thought that the staff takes such a large part in both fund raisers  and "officially" it's our
*job, as trustees, to support the staff.   "Unofficially, a lot of us are also the Friends of the 
*Library, too!

-We tabled the "Public petitions to the library" to the next meeting.