January 11, 2015

Board of Trustees Meeting

6:00 PM Sunday January 11, 2015

In attendance: Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Anne Mallary, Jean Wolfe, Sarah Scully, Ben Wolfe, Anita Abbot

COMMUNITY IMPUT: We were thrilled to hear the annual Winter Evenings library program brought in 70 people, (and $90.00 in donations), who attended its January 9, 2015 opening night with historian and author Howard Coffin. Refreshments were served for the first time in the Community Room afterwards, instead of the Children's Reading Room, and it was suggested this be the norm for the future.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: We approved the November 2014 meeting minutes report. There was no meeting December 2014.

TREASURER'S REPORT: We have exceeded our fundraising goal, and raised over $8,570.00 at this writing. There was $500.00 given by new donors, and so we met our matching donation ($500.00) from a Tunbridge library supporter. Anne Mallary handed out a spreadsheet for our fiscal year. Additionally, it was requested from Jean Wolfe the Mastercard bills from November and December 2014.

LIBRARIAN'S REPORT: Jean Wolfe reported it had been a very busy time at the library: many CLIF grant books are being processed and put out; StoryHour continues to be well attended, and the current Tunbridge Past/Present photographic exhibit was a success. Jean discussed paying for some equipment for the Winter Evenings program about 8 years ago, out of the goodness of her heart, and the trustees want her to be reimbursed for this expenditure. We also discussed that Winter Evenings was not funded by anything other than donations from attendees, and the suggestion was made to contact Donna Nelson in regards to how much money has been collected over the last 10 years.

We discussed at length the snow removal problem at the library; what is the snow/ice removal policy at the Town Hall in regards to public buildings, and how best to approach the Selectmen with our current snow situation. Specific issues addressed: If it snows all day, are the public buildings shoveled out accordingly, or just once a day? Can we call the snow plower and shoveler more than once a day? When the state plows RT 110, who shovels out the drainage ditch that fronts the library and is adjacent to the library footpath? The basement door at the library is also a fire exit that must be kept cleared. We each received a copy of "Town of Tunbridge Snow Removal Policy" which stated that the library was under the guidelines provided by the Town Librarian and or Library Trustees. Because this definition is open to various and sundry interpretations, Sarah Scully took notes towards writing a concise letter to the Selectboard addressing the library's snow removal needs/guidelines in conjunction with our library hours (and event schedules). This email was amended and accepted by the trustees, and was sent 01/14/15. It is included in its entirety at the bottom of these minutes. Anne Mallary and Anita Abbot will attend the next Selectboard meeting 01/05/2015 to discuss this matter.

UPDATE ON FUNDRAISING LETTER: Thank you notes, envelopes and stamps, plus copies of Tunbridge Past (with additional postage) were handed out to all trustees over the course of the last several weeks.

UPDATE ON EXTERIOR BUILDING WORK: Rob sent us an email saying that the work has "gone smoothly," and that the repairs are almost done. Some repairs cannot be done in the cold wintertime, and will be addressed in the spring. He will bill the Selectboard, and we in turn should get a copy as well.

TOWN MEETING AND TOWN MEETING DINNER: Question raised as to who shall do these events, the Friends of the Library or the library Trustees? At our next scheduled meeting we will address this upcoming matter.

Next meeting Sunday, February 1st at 7:00pm