September 9, 2015

Attendance: Jean Wolfe, Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Sarah Scully, Anita Abbot

Community Input: Discussion to stop using people's names on the library list of daily visitors, and to just use hash-marks as indicators of attendance. This will simplify the process, as well as being less intrusive to patrons. Joanne Goodnow will do an outreach of volunteer assessment and keep a list.  Liz Guth and Carol Frenier will be sent their "Thank You" $50.00 gift certificates in the mail ASAP.

Secretary’s Report: None.

Treasurer’s Report: Anne was not in attendance.

Librarian’s Report: Abby B. now cleaning the library. New Time Sheets to be signed by library trustees October 3rd, 2015. There was a well attended pizza/movie/sleep over recently Jean reported, adding it is difficult at times getting parents to come in. One suggestion for future events was Sarah's idea to ask the Center for Cartoon Studies  in White River Junction if a person could be available to come and speak to the children.

Building Repairs: Gary Mullen  mentioned getting repairs started on some town buildings, and the library trustees feel this is a very good time to have an open communication with the Selectboard, and to do repairs in tandem. The library needs a roof assessment, gutter assessment and preventative care in regards to on going water damage. Specific to the library are the following repairs in order of severity:

-Northeast Corner of the Addition- water damage

-New Community Room: where the walls touch the library- water seepage down towards the Archival Room

-Painting of the trim on the old building

-Library sidewalk: potholed from years of salt; breaking in places with the sidewalk separating from porch

-Gutters (future)

ArtSpace Contract Review and Meeting with Betsy Geiser: Anita will send Betsy the revised ArtSpace contract (as well as to all library trustees). A Bowl Art Exhibit is planned for November.

Monitoring the internet Discussion: Tabled

Continue Brainstorming on Donation Letter/Look at Ornament Samples: see below.

Action Items:

    •    Anita will send Betsy the revised ArtSpace contract by email for her to read and accept, and ask her if she would like to attend our next meeting.

    •    Anita will contract a local potter to inquire about ornaments for the Fund Raising Letter.

    •    Time Sheets to be signed by all by October 3rd, 2015.

    •    Everyone write a fundraising letter.

    •    A budget meeting is needed; Anne to draft a budget spreadsheet after the Fair.

    •    Jean to send the two thank you certificates of $50. to Liz and Carol by mail.
Next Meeting: October 14, 20015