October 14th, 2015

Time: 6:30 PM

Present: Catherine Freese and Sue Barnaby Co-Chairs, Jean Wolfe, Anne Mallary, Anita Abbot

I. Fund Raising Letter

Work to begin immediately, letter estimated to be sent 11/20/15.

Anne will get envelopes from Quill, #9 and #6.

We need to update the checklist, grand list and new patrons list.

We need the Winter Evenings Speakers and Topics Schedule for 2016.

Draft of letter to be done by Anita, finished on or before 10/28/15. 10/21/15: Address list completed. 11/4/15 Letter Stuffing Day.

Return envelopes to be printed at the library.

II. Large Donor and Donations Gift: Handmade Pottery piece of the TPL by a local artist wasviewed and accepted. 30 pieces 

were ordered on 10/15/15, expected to be completed by 12/1/15. We are asking $20.00 per piece completed for the artist.

Matching Donations Donor to repeat last year up to $500.00. Email concerning this was sent to trustees 10/15/15.

III. People Counter: Discussion followed as to how to count people. Hashmarks or small electronic counter. No names are to be used. 



Addresses List (check list/grand list/new patrons list) to be completed 10/21/15.

Draft of fund raising letter: Anita 10/28/15

Stuff Letters 11/4/15

Next Working Meetings:

10/28/15 6:30pm

11/4/15 6:30pm