April 8, 2015

Attendance: Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Anne Mallary, Catherine Freese, Sarah Scully

Community Input (none)

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from March were reviewed, edited and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

No official report, but Anne acknowledged the appointment of a new Town Treasurer and will make time to meet with her.  Anne will speak with Becky about the “extra” $130 that was discovered last month.

Librarian’s Report

Story Hour was at the Bogardus’ sugarhouse, big success! Rob Kriatawski will be back to finish pending repairs (waiting on better weather).  Ben is working with Kay to promote the Library via the Front Porch Forum. Young Writers Workshop has continued to garner energetic support (and from surrounding towns). Ben was approached about starting a youth discussion book club and there has been interest in an adult non-fiction discussion book club - looking to see how this could get started. Ben may start with one title and see how the group can become self sustaining (organically).

Future of fundraising (brainstorming continued)

Catherine has been in touch with Jen about our interest in continuing momentum on a legacy fundraising project. Jen may be available to come to the July meeting.

    Ideas for next year’s letter:

  • An interesting item (t-shirt, ornament, mug)
  • Matching incentive
  • Raffle prize

Equipment Needs

Ben and Sarah did some research and Ben found an affordably priced machine for refurbishing optical discs. Trustees supported a purchase.

The second changing station has been ordered and Rob will install it.

Discussion of other needs - A/V equipment for events:

Winter Evenings has raised money consistently and some members would like new equipment. One item of interest is a newer lavaliere microphone to use with the existing system; some minor repairs may be needed for the PA system or perhaps a more extensive upgrade. Ben expressed a need to keep a backup inventory of consumable items (i.e. projector bulbs) to have on hand in emergencies.

Catherine will approach Kay and see what the Winter Evenings committee’s requests might be.


Library lighting - Ben is going to contact Simon Bradford about completing needed electrical work in the library and the basement.

Outside lighting - pending.

New Business

Ben raised concerns about how the ArtSpace commission is being enforced (or not) some artists may be under the impression this is “optional” when there is a clear term in the contract.

Sarah suggested ArtSpace duties can be divided among several volunteers so that all aspects (communication with the artists, publicity, collecting the commission, and organizing the refreshments) are covered by those who want or have time to do each task. Trustees will review the artist contract to be sure it is current with other gallery practices.

Anne suggested that Trustees make contact with ArtSpace and Winter Evenings committees to thank them for their work and see how to establish better support and communication.

Action Items

  • Anne will speak with Becky about the “extra” $130 that was discovered last month.
  • Ben will speak with Lisa about current practice vis a vis venue commission at public art shows.
  • Catherine or Jean will send a copy of the ArtSpace contract to Trustees for review before the next meeting.
  • Catherine will speak with Kay about equipment needs for Winter Evenings.
  • Ben will contact Simon Bradford about electrical work.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 13th, 6:30pm

Agenda Items

  • Ideas for next year’s fundraising letter.
  • Review ArtSpace contract.
  • Followup discussion of equipment needs.