March 22, 2015

Minutes approved at 4/7/2015 meeting

Present: Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Anne Mallary, Sarah Scully and Anita Abbot 

COMMUNITY INPUT: All good. Nothing specific came up for the trustees attention. 

SECRETARY'S REPORT-backdated 2/15/2015: Sue Barnaby took the last trustees meeting minutes and handed out an attached Treasurer's Report with the minutes.

Librarian's Report: About 200 new books have been processed recently. Story/Playgroup started on Saturday mornings. The Young Writers Group continues on Fridays. For the Summer Reading Program, the library may work with Chelsea to get Jim Arnosky in June to speak at the library. Old Business: The fundraising letter has netted $8570. so far, and we budgeted $8250. A copy of Rob's bill for the exterior work done on the library was handed out, and all seemed on target. A copy of the "building file" is here at the library. $4000. was budgeted for repair, and $3244. has been spent. Progress is being made on the snow shoveling. New Business: We worked on what to report at Town Meeting. Next Meeting: Sunday 3/8/2015 at 3pm (which was switched, with two weeks' posting, for 3/22/2015 at 3pm.) End of report. Minutes Approved. 

TREASURER'S REPORT: Anne handed out a spreadsheet. As of this date, $11,205 has been received from the Fund Raising letter, and is in our checking account. More is expected. We will wait until May to see how much we will request from Friends of the TPL. There is $25,000 left in expenses (payroll, heat, utilities, repairs, etc.), and so we may not need additional monies from the Trustees of Public Funds and the Friends. Future expenditures are listed below in action items, "Expenditures." 

LIBRARIAN'S REPORT: It was brought to our attention that there was an excess of approximately $130 in the transfer station envelope behind the front desk. We spoke of whose money it was, how it got there, and whose it is. The mystery will be uncovered. Winter Evenings was a great success this year. The finale of the Clif program is underway, with Jim Arnosky to speak in June. Young Writers Group, Story Hour, the play group "Birth to 3" are all doing well. Ben brought up the idea of having a tangible laminated library card in the near future. We discussed getting a cleaner for the DVDs and CDs, and how to handle damaged disks returned to the library that went out in good shape. Basement electrical updating and ceiling lights for ArtSpace were discussed. A Baby Changing Station or two (one for each bathroom) is on our lists of purchases/equipment needs (see below). 

TOWN MEETING: An attachment was handed out from Donna Nelson This year's Town Meeting netted, after expenses, $1200. Previous years are as follows: 2014, $1400. 2013, $1400. 2012, $1500. 2011, $1600. 2010, $1300. 2009, $1500. 2008, $1800. 2007, $1100. 2006, $1000. 2005, $800. 2004, $900. 2003, $500. This year, 180 people attended. Sue Barnaby started a folder named "Town Meeting" for future reference.

FUTURE OF FUNDRAISING (JENN HAYSLETT): Jenn's offer still stands to help the library in any way with fundraising. In the interim questions remain: preparing research: VPR, speaking with other libraries, etc. Legacy gifts, and what to do in the event we receive a legacy-who receives the monies (Library, Trustees, Friends of the Library?). What kinds of gifts can we accept and on what/whose terms? Further discussions needed. Sarah suggested to plan the 2016 fund raising letter in June. 

NEW BUSINESS: A new person (or persons, group) is needed to head up the annual book sale on Memorial Day. We spoke of putting an announcement on the TPL website as well as the Front Porch Forum. Additionally, a sign will be put up in the library. New equipment needs listed below. Ben spoke of water dripping down the outer doorway, and the necessity of removing ice dams promptly. Who clears the snow from the roof tops of the Town Hall and other town buildings? 


Equipment Needs discussion at the next meeting:

Basement lighting to be updated to this century.
Library ceiling lights to be purchased to better display ArtSpace.
Disc cleaning/ polishing machine.
PA for Winter Evenings and other library lectures.
Outside library lighting.

Baby Changing Station(s) 


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, April 8th, at 6:30pm