May 13, 2015

Attendance: Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Anne Mallary, Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot. Absent: Sarah Scully

Community Input: One local parent wishes to start and volunteer a Lego Group. Another parent is concerned about the "unfiltered" internet at the library. What can be done as a protective measure in regards to minors? What do other libraries do in this regard? This is difficult to address and will be considered. Laura DeCapua was mentioned in regards to Facebook and MealTrain concerning her recent medical emergency.

Secretary’s Report: April 2015 Meeting Minutes accepted. All Meeting Minutes now must be posted to the Tunbridge town website. They are to read "Draft Pending Approval."

Treasurer’s Report: Anne Mallory will be helping new town treasurer Becky Hoyt. We reviewed March 2015 spreadsheet of our almost ended fiscal year, and two months are not yet completed (April and May). Anne will update these figures with Becky.

Librarian’s Report: The newly christened non-fiction adult book group will meet on a weekday evening, the book to be read: Switch. Saturday morning playgroup continues on with variable attendance, and with great toys supplied by our library grant. Jean had a learning experience with the fire alarm. See below.

Check In on Memorial Day Sale: Liz Guth is working hard on the plant sale with 4 or 5 volunteers, sadly, this will be her last year. Elaine Howe will help with the Bake Sale. Laura Gillen is also baking for the sale, but will be away on Memorial Day. Downstairs at the library work continues towards the Book Sale with Grey Barreda, Lydia Flanagan and Kay Jorgensen organizing and placing books. Their hard work is almost complete and most appreciated.

Building Repair Update: Two jobs lined up as of this date: Rob K. will put in the two baby changing stations this week, plus address the north dormer of the building which needs boards replaced. Steve Rixford has kindly volunteered to paint when this repair is complete.

Lighting Update: The basement lighting will be checked today, May 15th, by our electrician Simon Bradford, and work will be done as needed. We noted that he must submit his bill and be paid by July 1st, 2015. Upstairs, Simon noted that the track lighting (fixed art light connections) that we have gets too hot due to the particular bulbs required for use. He is looking into LED replacements to address this issue. The outside lighting pending.

Archive Room Update: It was noted that it will take several persons to move the heavy donated furniture into this room. Todd Tyson has painted the floor green, and while he was sweeping, we believe particulate matter somehow interfered with the fire alarm, causing it to go on and off for several hours on Saturday May 2nd. Simon Bradford and Matt Loftus came, and in between headaches from the high pitched screeching, Jean learned that the best thing to do was to call the local fire department, who can turn off the alarm. (We could not.)

Winter Evenings Equipment Check-In: Not much here to report. Kay Jorgensen is looking into this and will get back to us. There are funds available for use. 

Art Space - Review Contract: Copies of this contract were handed out to all meeting participants, and its revision will be discussed at length at our next meeting.

Action Items:

  • Reviewing Art Space contract
  • Use of Internet discussion
  • Brainstorming on the 2016 Fund Raising Letter

Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 10th at 6:30pm