July 8, 2015


Attendance: Anita Abbot, Sue Barnaby, Catherine Freese, Marsha Higgins, Sarah Scully. Absent: Anne Mallary and Ben Wolfe


Liz Guth has told us that this year was her last in heading up the Memorial Day Plant Sale. We spoke of asking Joanne Goodnow to be our volunteer coordinator, and or to help with calling volunteers, making lists, and steering people along volunteer positions they may enjoy. Additionally, Janice Mattern expressed interest in the Plant Sale workings.


Anita forgot last month's minutes again, however Sarah had graciously altered her report accordingly, and filed it on the TPL website. The minutes were approved.


Anne Mallary was absent.


The ad went out on Front Porch Forum for a new cleaning person for the library. Story Hour is progressing well, Ben and Jody are keeping it simple with free books and ice cream. There is an on-going small discussion group for the novel Switch


Marsha Higgins gave us a 15 minute informed talk about her experiences as being the former Art Space coordinator for many years at the library. Her insight was a big help in rethinking the current contract between the library and its potential artists. This contract will be revised pending Ben Wolfe and Betsy Geiser's (current ArtSpace coordinator) upcoming meeting. We agreed every artist will need a hard copy of this contract, and the library will request a given percentage of the total sales. Additionally, Ben wrote a page of his thoughts on this matter which was handed out to all of us at the meeting. 

"MONITORING THE INTERNET" DISCUSSION: Tabled until Ben is available.

FUNDRAISING: Preparing for Jenn's Visit/Brainstorming Letter Ideas: This has been tabled for later.


    ◆    Anita will copy and rewrite with corrections the Friends of the Tunbridge Public Library Agreement for Art Exhibitors. (This will be readdressed after Ben speaks with Betsy Geiser.)

    ◆    Gift certificates to be purchased by Catherine for Liz Guth and Carol Frenier, $50.00 each, at the SoRo Food Co-op. (Donna N. to be notified by email first.)

    ◆    Next TPL trustees meeting: August 12th at 6:30pm.

    ◆    Catherine or Sue will find out if the Fairground (Gilman Bldg.) is available on the last Sunday in August for the TPL Volunteers Potluck Party.