June 10, 2015

Library Trustees Meeting

Attendance: Anita Abbot, Sue Barnaby, Catherine Freese, Anne Mallary, Sarah Scully, Anita Abbot. Ben Wolfe Absent: Jean Wolfe, Librarian

Community Input: Sarah mentioned that a friend who visited the library recently was taken aback at being asked for their name when they came in to the building. Question of whether this is regular practice and what purpose it serves - it may make some uncomfortable. Trustees & Ben agreed that library use statistics would be recorded anonymously rather than recording names. Library workers and volunteers need to be updated on this change.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from May were reviewed and approved with the change that the Secretary will post the minutes to the town website if necessary.

Treasurer’s Report:  All financial information (e.g. health insurance, supplies, programs, building repairs, credit card bills) pertaining to the remainder of the fiscal year is due by June 30th!  

Additionally, we need Simon Bradford's bills, with description of work done and cost.

Librarian’s Report: The purchase of internet security program Clean Slate did not go through as planned, but then was jointly purchased with other libraries successfully. A DVD cleaner was also purchased. Lawn mowing is being paid for us by the town.

A Help Wanted advertisement is to be placed in local newspapers, e.g., Front Porch Forum, It's Classified, for a cleaning person. A discussion followed pertaining to town policies regarding job hiring; we are a municipal library / do town positions need to be advertised? What are the policies? , etc. Jean Wolfe will get a job description written with contact, rate, and number of hours, and including a cut-off date for application.

Memorial Day Sale Update: Sale went well and we raised about the same amount as the previous year overall.

Building Repair Check-In:

Art Space Contract Review:

Four major changes were made to the contract:

1: Remove second sentence "We have listed below…"

2: Line #6: "The library requires a donation of 25%…" (this figure to be discussed by Ben with Lisa Kippen and Betsy Geiser).

3: Line #7: Last sentence to be amended to read: "…that your work is properly cared for while in the library and exhibited."

4. Signed_______ to be amended to: "By Signing I agree to these terms_____"

Lisa Kippen and Betsy Geiser will be asked about the amount given to the library (25%?) - what do neighboring libraries ask? The policy will be formally revised at the next meeting.

Monitoring the Internet Discussion- tabled

Brainstorming on the 2016 Fund Raising Letter- tabled

Action Items

    • All financial information pertaining to the remainder of the fiscal year is due by June 30th.  Additionally, Jean will place a want ad for a library cleaning person.

    • Ben will speak with Lisa Kippen and Betsy Geiser about the new amended Agreement for Art Exhibitors, and the required percentage amount to be given to the library by them for their sales. 

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 at 6:30pm

Agenda Items

    •    August 12 or 19 for Jenn Hayslett and fund raising.

    •    Follow up discussion of tabled topics.