October 12, 2016

Library Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, October 12 , 2016   6:30 pm

Attending: Anita Abbott, Anne Mallory,  Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe ,Theresa FitzGerald, 

Community Input

 Verizon network extender is in place.


Clerk’s Report



Treasurer’s Report

Fiscal year 17/18 :  updated income & tax figures, salaries and health insurance 


Librarian’s Report

Outdoor lighting needs a timer and need to be properly aligned for auto on/off 

Rear basement door light needs update/repair. 

Asphalt entry path needs sealing to maintain and prevent further water/weather damage

Phone / Internet search continues for best option in terms of cost and level of service


Fundraising Letter

Revision suggestions reviewed & changes made. Work meeting scheduled for Oct. 26th @ 6:30 to finalize and prepare for mailings.


Old Business

Art Space : no action taken


Action Items

Ben will provide spread sheet of phone / internet options

Jean will follow up with Simon on lighting and village for asphalt maintenance

Anitia will take input for fund letter, revise & send out asap

Anne will continue to revise Fiscal 17/18 budget based on input from meeting