November 9, 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Jean Wolfe, Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Mallary, Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot, Sarah Tischer Scully

Community Input

Jean has asked Simon to adjust outside lights to a better angle (had heard from community members). Also some concerns about taking out the tree. Peter and Rudy will make a decision.

Clerk's Report

Clerk’s minutes approved from meeting of October 12th.


Treasurer’s report and budget update

Ann had updated budget and will distribute it to everyone (Sue and Sarah weren’t here for second meeting.)  $84,824 is the final draft number on the total budget, with amount from taxes at $58,224.  Ann suggested that we request $1,000 from Trustees of Public Funds extra (ask for 7 instead of 6) and decrease amount from taxes to $57,224.

$2,469 total budget increase (3%), 4.2% increase raised from taxes. If we reduce to the $57,224 it will be 2.5% increase from taxes. Largest budget item increase is from salary/FICA.

Sue proposed that we keep the increase at 2.5% in the proposal to the Selectboard and Trustees agreed. Sue will get us on the next available agenda (Nov 14 or 21).


Librarian’s Report

Increased use of the Community Room lately, including one request from someone that was wanting a meeting to have a discussion on “energy”. Ann will work with Jean to craft a response.

Community story time was very successful.

Donna is setting up the upcoming sale.

New railing is going in around Thanksgiving. Cost is ~ $900.


Fundraising Letter & Process

For the “level up” incentive we have an option to design the ornament for $50 to create a design - Sue and Jean will contact the artist to work out the design.

A couple of donors from last year were anxious that we got their money, cashed their checks, and sent a thank-you note in a timely manner. Resolved to do better this year.


Old Business

We don’t have an Artspace Coordinator, but there is an upcoming show (collage by Mitch and Ann Beck), opening in January.

Sue will follow up with Catherine about the Friends paying for a position and whether they wanted to find the next appointee for the position. (Stipend directly from the Friends, NOT payroll.)


Action Items

  • All - send any information for our part of the Town Report to Jean.
  • Finish fundraising letters (Sarah).
  • Jean will finalize the design for the ornament.
  • Sue will contact Selex about getting on their agenda.
  • Sue will talk with Becky Hoyt about payroll.
  • Sue will follow up with Catherine F. about Artspace.