December 14, 2016


Anita Abbot, Sue Barnaby, Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Mallary, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

Donations from the fundraising letter have been coming in steadily.

Clerk’s Report

Minutes approved from November meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Fundraising letter has brought in approximately $4,900 so far. Last year’s total was approximately $10,000.

Current bank balance is $6,091. Most expenses so far have been for utilities, books, and postage. Anne will get the current spending information to us as soon as her computer is fixed.


Budget Meeting

Sue and Anne made the presentation to the Selectboard. The budget presented was about 3% higher than the previous year. Selectboard members asked about outside vs. inside work; the Town is responsible for outside work and maintenance on the building vs. inside work paid for from the Library budget. Sue mentioned sidewalk work and taking down the tree as possible needs this year.

Ann will follow up with Selectboard to find out if they approved our proposal.

Also heard from Selectboard that Vermont League of Cities and Towns is coming to do a building inspection at the Library and other Town Buildings for insurance purposes.

Librarian’s Report

Approximately 50 participants for “Santa & Mrs. Clause” visit.

Ben said there are some new faces at story hour. “Stone soup” event that kids helped prepare.

Movie night before the election. This was well received. Reading challenge over Christmas break and there’s a share-and-tell event after for kids to report on their books.

We discussed whether the library staff needed help preparing for the building inspection. Jean suggested paying for extra hours for staff to help her with the work and Trustees agreed.

Jean mentioned that the outside lights were not in Simon’s original estimate, so there is an outstanding bill for approximately $200 (still in budget). The lights are now positioned correctly for safety. Jean said the contractors who are working on the iron railing will be by soon to start that work.

Winter Evenings schedule has been set and calendar will be included in the fundraising thank-you letters.

Jean has identified a possible candidate to the ArtSpace coordinator. Jean will speak with her further. Sue asked about paid vs. volunteer and Jean had mentioned the possibility of a stipend, which will have to be approved and paid by the Friends of the Library.


Kay Jorgensen is donating $5,000 to the library for computers, and for an IT Specialist to transfer the data from the old machines. Anita has offered to go with Ben to a shop that specializes in getting equipment for non-profit organizations.

Two desktop computers (one for Jean, one for the desk), and 3 laptops - Ben looking at Chromebooks because of the built-in security and privacy. Possibility of turning one of the machines into a “lookup” station for browsing the collection.

Suggested getting the IT support from Systems Plus and comparison-shopping for the purchases.

Ben suggested using the “equipment replacement” fund for replacing printer, scanner or other needs.


Library staff member will email Trustees when timesheets are ready. Trustees will make sure that timesheets are signed and in the drop box in the Town Offices by 8:00pm on Sunday so that the Treasurer can process them on Monday.

Trustees email

Sarah will set up a new group email address for the Trustees.

Next meetings

Wednesday, January 11, 6:30 pm

Wednesday, February 8, 6:30 pm