January 13, 2016

Present: Catherine Freese and Sue Barnaby Co-Chairs, Jean Wolfe, Anne Mallary, Anita Abbot

I. Community Input:
The remaining books from Donna Nelson's book sales were put to good use at the TES Bazaar and the Food Shelf (3 tables at Christmas for gifts).

II. Secretary's Report:
There was no December meeting. October 2015 meeting minutes were read.

III. Treasurer's Report:
There is approximately $5672. in our checking account. $3730. has been deposited so far from fund raising. Additionally, $500. was received as a donation from Catamount Solar. We have spent $28,000. and have $25,000. left until the end of this fiscal year. At the last Selectboard meeting, a question was raised as to how much local librarians are making per year as well as where the 3% cost of living increase came from. We need to have figures to give to them this year.

IV. Librarian's Report:
Santa and Mrs Claus were well received by over 45 people this December. Next year note time and date of Santa's arrival, as South Royalton's Santa arrived at their library on the very same day. Ben Wolfe's vacation "Reading Challenge" was a very popular program. A new Story Hour person, as well as a new cleaning person for the library are needed. Front Porch Forum was suggested as a good place to advertise. Over salting was the reason given as to why some heirloom peonies and other perennials were killed last year. Communication to be held with Kevin B. to please make the library a second priority after the town offices. If snowfalls are not shoveled for any length of time, then too much salt is added to counteract the compacted snow and ice.

V. Building Repairs:
Justin caulked around the leaking skylight area, and checked the visible trail of moisture inside the building. This project to be further addressed this summer in conjunction with the select board to coincide with painting town buildings.

VI. Fund Raising Letter, Updates & Thank You Notes:
Jean will notify us when the stationery and addresses are ready to be picked up.

VII. Front Porch Railing Offer from Winter Evenings Committee:
This offer is to be graciously accepted. Additionally, Jean will ask Fred P. for ideas for sources for "historical style" based railings. Sue offered Gordy B's white vinyl fencing materials as well. In the interim, Jean purchased a long mat made from recycled tires to keep the patrons from falling off the large granite step at the front door entrance.

VIII. Town Meeting Dinner...Trustees Role?
Anne has offered free Alehouse Cheddar Cheese for the dinner (macaroni and cheese). Sue will talk to Joanne Herrick about the menu. Anita has asked for a donation of bread from King Arthur Flour.

IX. Suggestions for New Trustees:
Theresa Fitzgerald. Anne is up for re-election.

X. Review Community Room Policy: Rentable?
Clause "Open and free of charge to the public" must be changed. Additionally, the ArtSpace coordinator must have in contract what parties will handle the sales- our policy is not yet finalized.

XI. ArtSpace Contract: Tabled