February 10, 2016

Tunbridge Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes

Date: February 10, 2016 6:30pm 
Present: Jean and Ben Wolfe, Sue Barnaby, Catherine Freese, Anne
Mallary, Sarah Scully, Anita Abbot

I. Community Input: Some donors of the fund raiser for the library
last November are anxious to get their checks deposited and thank yous
received quicker. 

II. Secretary's Report: Last month's meeting minutes were read and accepted. 

III. Treasurer's Report: We are half way through our fiscal year. New
Tunbridge town treasurer Becky Hoyt gave the library a packet of our
financial reports. We were very happy and grateful for the donations
again this year. 

IV. Librarian's Report: We are looking for a new Story Hour person; 
Rose Terami is now helping Ben. Budding cartoonists are going on a
field trip to the Center for Cartoon Studies in WRJ- and are making a
book. A new custodial person has been hired: Casey Clark, who will
work 5 hours a week. A new and large fiber arts group has recently

V. Fund Raising Letter Update; Thank you Notes: $9525. has been
deposited so far from the fund raising letter. Thank yous are almost
ready to be picked up. Jean will let us know. Anita will package up
and mail the pottery gift for larger donors. 

VI. Front Porch Railing Offer from Winter Evenings Group: We kindly
accepted the offer, Kay is going forward with plans. She will run a
design(s) by the trustees, Jean and Ben, in the near future. 

VII.Town Meeting March 1st: Luncheon: Joanne wants to make vegetable
ziti. Anne Mallary has graciously offered 5+ lbs. of cheddar cheese as
an addition to the side bar table. The Primaries fall on Town Meeting
day, and so there will need to be a rearrangement for voter polls
prior to the meeting. 
Our presentation at the meeting will be to inform and apprise the town
of our great events/programs for children and adults, the community
room as a pleasant space for group meetings, etc. Theresa Fitzgerald
will be proposed as a new library trustee. Sarah may speak briefly
about the TPL. 

VIII. Review Community Room Policy; Can People rent the room? We
decided there needs to be a flat rate for anyone to rent the room. A
donation to the library will be suggested for utility costs, etc. We
decided to try it on an informal basis. 

IX. Updating of Website: Sarah is on it. 

We discussed having monthly, quarterly, or 6 week apart meetings. We
decided to continue on with monthly meetings with cancellations as

Thank-you notecards and lists are to be picked up and completed ASAP.
Anita will check on flour donations from KAF
Sign employee timesheets FEB 26, 27, or 28. 
Next meeting: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13th at 6:30PM