April 13, 2016

Tunbridge Public Library Trustees Meeting
Wednesday, April 13, 6:30 pm.

In attendance: Sue Barnaby, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Sarah Scully, Anne Mallary, Theresa FitzGerald, Anita Abbot

I. Community Concerns: None at present. 

II. Secretary's Report: Meeting Minutes from 2/10/2016 were read, and comments/ corrections noted. The corrected draft was emailed today (4/18/16) to new Secretary, Sarah Scully. 

III. Treasurer's Report: We are below budget on heating costs due to the warm winter. The balance of trust funds was up in March to $152K. The fund raising letter amounts at this date are over $10,000. Memorial donations are approximately $805, many given in memory of Jonathan Wolfe. Building repairs: money is budgeted for new ArtSpace LED lights. 

IV. Librarian's Report: 126 dinner tickets were sold at the town meeting dinner, down from 160 tickets last year, for a total of $1109. Thank you notes for the fund-raising letter are complete. There are about two dozen ceramic library pieces left.

Winter Evenings was very successful this year, and more committee people are needed to help defray the work: e.g. getting new speakers and bringing refreshments.

Kay Jorgensen has contacted an iron worker from the Justin Morrill Homestead to work on the library's new railing. He will commence work as the weather gets warmer. Programs on Maple Sugaring, Signs of Spring, and Vacation week "free book"- are some of the children's events and programs upcoming and past. A grant was received
from VINS on Raptors.

ArtSpace artist Dian Parker did very well, and generously gave the library a portion of her sales. Joanne Godnow's list of volunteers and food refreshments is to be reviewed. There are new volunteers helping out at the library.

New shelving location is underway for non-fiction Picture Books (PB) and Graphic Novels with holographic labels to set them apart from other PBs. The George Woodard movie was successful, with $400 in donations. Rave reviews for the movie, great outreach as well. The library has had a very busy last few months. Kay Jorgensen has been helping collate, shelve and organize the thousands of basement books. The Community Room has been used frequently for: tutoring, mentoring, meetings, etc. It was brought to our attention that there is a differentiation between public and private events. 

V. Old Business: ArtSpace contract not yet finished. Betsy Geiser did not see her changes to the document in play. (A copy of this contract will be sent out prior to these meeting minutes, to all library trustees.) 

VI. New Business: Library Trustee Election of Officers: Sarah suggested that the duty of posting minutes, meeting schedules and agendas to the Library Trustees web page be made an official duty of the Secretary - approved. Elections were held with the following results: Sue Barnaby and Anita Abbot- Co-Chairpersons; Sarah Scully-Secretary; Anne Mallary-Treasurer; Theresa FitzGerald- Member at Large.

Town Treasurer Becky Hoyt told us to drop off the monthly signed time sheets at the drop off box at the Town Hall if necessary.

Memorial Day Sales: Theresa contacted us after the meeting with the news that she will be heading the Plant Sale, as well as finding new volunteers and plant donors.

1. SIGN TIME SHEETS by Saturday, April 30. We need 3 signatures. 
2. Anita to mail ArtSpace Contract copy to trustees. 
3. NEXT MEETINGS: Wednesday, May 11th at 6:30pm
Wednesday, June 8th at 6:30pm.