May 11, 2016

Library Trustees Meeting

May 11, 2016, 6:30 pm

Attendance: Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot, Anne Mallary, Theresa Fitzgerald, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

    Ben - New Vista informational meeting at the Library was well attended and appreciated.

    Patrons are interested in learning more about the Listen Up Vermont! audiobooks. Perhaps a drop-in? Sarah might be able to help. (Tunbridge Photo is May 21 at 9:30 am.)

Secretary's Report

Secretary’s report from April 13, 2016 was read in summary and approved.

Treasurer's Report

Anne received updated information from the Town Treasurer (May 10) - some line items need to be split out. Town tax will cover for outstanding payroll. Jean needs to put in for her health insurance and spend down last amounts for supplies and books. Jean will have a list of invoices for orders for Trustees to sign (simplified purchasing process via reimbursement).

Fundraising Supplies line item is up ($600) because of purchase price of the ornaments from this year’s incentive.

We may not have to ask Trustees of Public Funds for money this year depending on the final month’s expenses.

Anita and Ben asked Anne why Charter is different every month - because of long distance charges or other fees? Ben suggested investigating flat-rate for long distance.

Librarian's Report

    A couple of new student volunteers have started. Emma Hansen and Tommy, helping with shelving project. 

VINS Raptor event in June will kick off the summer program.

Jean wanted to ask how much money is available in the salary fund for custodial dollars for some special tasks (such as digging plants, washing windows, etc).

Computer Replacement - Nine hundred dollars are available for equipment replacement in this year’s budget. Tentative would be 2 public access machines and a laptop. Sue added a reminder to budget with this intention - to replace a certain amount of equipment each year.

Old Business

    Memorial Day plant, book & bake sale - Theresa had some comments and questions about the Plant Sale.

    ArtSpace Contract - We reviewed the current draft and made some more updates and clarifications to the text. There is a companion document that describes the duties of the ArtSpace Coordinator, which Anita will forward to everyone.

Theresa will send a copy of both the Policy and the Coordinator position description to Betsy for her input. 

    Lighting  - Simon has a list of which lights and fixtures (smoke alarms) need to be replaced or updated.

    Railing - Jean will check with Kay Jorgensen about her contact who worked at Justin Morrill Homestead.

New Business

    Time Sheets signed June 3-4.

Action Items

    Anita will circulate draft of ArtSpace Coordinator position that goes with ArtSpace Contract

Sarah will circulate updated draft of ArtSpace Contract

    Theresa will send copies of both the coordinator position description and contract to Betsy for her comment (and ask her to send comments before our next meeting or come to our next meeting if she would like to discuss in person).

    Theresa is going to contact Catherine about Friends input for Plant Sale

Next Meeting

    Wednesday, June 8th, 6:30 pm

    Agenda Items

End of fiscal year business        

         ArtSpace Contract and Position Description - final review

        Building updates/maintenance: railing, lighting