June 15, 2016

In attendance: Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot, Anne Mallary, Sarah Scully, Jean Wolfe

Community Input

One parent was concerned about the time that food was served at a recent event (later because of program schedule).


Treasurer’s Report

Jean will be reimbursed for health insurance. Books line item has been spent to the 100% limit. Library still needs to order the computers per this year’s plan. Extra hours for payroll (for custodial) will be added and we will be under budget for this item. Anne suggested we ask for $7,500 from the friends to finish out the current fiscal year and until we send our fundraising letter in the fall. We do not need to draw on the Trustee of Public Funds. 

Sarah moved that we ask the Friends for the $7,500 to support the library budget and the motion was approved unanimously. Anne will talk to Donna about the request.


Librarian’s Report

Jean did talk to Kay about the railing and the specialist is busy, but Kay will follow up with him.

Kay is going to try some off-season book sales to tie in with events at the fairgrounds.

Next week there will be an event for the summer reading program involving a race car. Kids who complete the program will be able to sign the car at the end of the summer.


Old Business

Art Space Agreement underwent one minor revision and was approved, with detailed attachment from Geoff Hansen.


New Business

July meeting is cancelled.

Next meeting is August 10th at 6:30 pm. Following meetings on September 28 and October 12.

Sue suggested that we ask Jen Hayslett to speak to us again about fundraising (specifically bequests), and invite Friends as well. Tentatively suggested for September/October meeting depending on Jen’s availability.


Action Items

Jean will send electronic copy of the Agreement for Art Exhibitors to Sarah.

Sarah will update the agreement with this evening’s changes and Geoff Hansen’s attachment and re-send final version to all.

Sue with contact Jen about speaking to us at a fall meeting.


Agenda items for next meeting

Ideas for “bonus incentive” for the fundraising letter

Budget planning


Future Agenda Items

Complete budget

Fundraising letter

Bequest planning