August 10, 2016

Attendance: Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbott , Ben Wolfe, Jean Wolfe, Anne Mallary, Sarah Scully, Theresa Fitzgerald

DRAFT to be approved at next meeting.

Community Input

Ben got good parental feedback on the summer reading program.

Charter was unresponsive when modem failed. Took several days to get service restored. For $20/mo the library could have unlimited long distance.


Secretary’s Report

Approved as read.


Treasurer’s Report

Budgeted expenses were ~ $10K lower than projected (did not spend money on repairs, spent approximately $4,500 less on payroll, $900 for equipment replacement). Amounts for unspent funds will roll over.

Income was 91% of projected because we did not request money from Trustees of Public Funds. Income from fundraising and gifts was 112% of projected.

Not many of the ornaments went out last year for the fundraiser incentive. The library can sell extras at holiday time this year.


Librarians’ Report

VINS program was successful - didn’t have as many kids as expected but had a lot of adults. Good speaker.

The Race Car event has been a mixed success - the final parts of the event series are happening at the end of August so that kids are back from vacation.

Story Hour has been on break and will start up again on Saturday mornings.

Last book sale of the summer is this week.


Budget Planning

We used the worksheet that the Treasurer provided.

Books: Increase to $3,500 (expected Overdrive costs to increase)

Membership: $800 (expect ListenUp VT! dues to increase)

Programs: Slight increase $850 

Phone & Internet: Increase to $1,450 so that the library has the option of $20/mo for unlimited long distance.

State Library has initiated long-distance courier service for ILL but it is expensive - we are opting out of this for now.

Electricity: $1,800 (-$100)

Equipment replacement: $800 (-$100)

Total budget increase on this draft: $385

Fundraising Letter

Anita will draft a letter and send to us.


New Business

In light of the gutting of State Library staff, it was suggested that we write letters to representatives (including Sarah Buxton, Mark McDonald) to support funding for State Library system.


Next Meetings

September 28

October 12


Agenda Items

Finish budget (payroll)

Review fundraising letter draft and timeline.

Update on history archive.

Bequest planning or other fundraising ideas from Jen.

Letter to state government on behalf of state library services.


Action Items

Anita will draft and email a fundraising letter to us.