September 28, 2016

Library Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, September 28, 2016   6:30 pm

Attending: Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbott, Jean Wolfe, Theresa FitzGerald, Sarah Tischer Scully

Community Input

Anne asked about the Verizon network extender. Suggested asking AT&T if they would also send one.

Sue got a question about Library Hours on Saturday (website needs to be updated as well), said the change was due to Story Hour at 9:00 am.

Clerk’s Report

Approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report

Some new memorial contributions have come in recently. 

Anne will reconcile the library’s bank balance with Town Treasurer’s accounting across the FY gap, and do the end-of-year report, as well as finalizing our budget proposal to the Selectboard.

Librarian’s Report

Last book sale of the season went off well - over $500 in fundraising over the course of the Summer. September saw 2 story hours, which Ben has lead so far.

New lights inside for the art look great. The outside lights are improved and just need a timer.

Need to look at Emergency Exit lighting - did not work properly during last power outage.

Racer-car reading challenge was very well received by the kids.

Sue proposed sending a thank-you letter to Kay for helping with the book sale, etc. Sue will send a card.

State Library cutback letters

Perhaps waiting until after November - asking Sarah Buxton or Mark McDonnald who would be the best contact. Sarah S. suggested asking other boards of trustees to ask if they’d be interested in sending a similar letter.

Archive Room

On hiatus because of the Fair.

Fundraising Letter

Pewter key rings or ornaments? Jean will check with her contact about that possibility.


    Finish list by early OctoberL List is in good shape for this year - just need to add new patrons and new-to-town folks (Jean and Ben will do this). Sue will proofread the list also.

    By October 12 meeting we’ll decide on an incentive gift and have finalized letter.

    By November 1 Jean will have packets ready: envelopes, donation slip, Library Calendar insert, letter, and stamps.

    Trustees pick up packets, customize letters and send by mid-November.

    Gather the Trustees to start thank-you process after Thanksgiving.

New Business

ArtSpace update - Betsy has stepped down, wrote a letter to the Trustees but this is a Friends program - they should take action to find a replacement.

Two artists are booked for November, January but waiting to hear confirmation from someone that the Library has approved the start dates.


Sue called Jen Hayslett to find out about next steps for fundraising advice, waiting for a better time to continue the discussion.