November 13, 2017

Anita Abbot, Anne Mallary, Theresa Fitzgerald, Sarah TIscher Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

Patrons are concerned about any issue with the furnace working.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from October meeting approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report

Updated expenses & spending to date.

Anne Mallary had received some updated information on current spending (but not credit card data). Anne will meet with Jean to get the rest of the information updated on her report.

Anne Mallary distributed information we will need to work on the budget.

Direct debits due to change of bank - Anne Mallary will address this with town treasurer.

Library received three donations recently. Anita will send acknowledgement letters to those we have contact information for.

Anne Mallary shared information about the pay for the budget for the story hour position.

Librarian’s Report

Book sales have been going well.

Mariah has accepted the story-hour position.

Hot water heater is still having an issue. Jean will contact Ben Linehan to follow up.

Diagnosis of issue with heating system is underway and Dave is looking for a replacement part.


  • Santa is coming on December 9th.
  • Next Saturday is a story hour event, November 25th.
  • Next Artspace opening is Sunday, November 19th.

Old Business

Trustees made some edits to the fundraising letter and approved the final draft.

Trustees signed time sheets for the next few pay periods.

Pewter gift order has been received.

New Business

Budget meeting November 27th.

Select Board meeting November 28th at 6:30 items to discuss include snow removal contract, library budget, painting of building.

Next regular meeting Date: December 11th.