December 11, 2017

Anita Abbot, Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Linehan, Anne Mallary, Sarah Tischer Scully,  Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

Arts Bus was well received - 28 children participated. Santa visit was also well attended.

Positive comments on current art exhibit.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes approved from November 11.

Treasurer’s Report

Process for the direct-debit for some regular monthly bills is still pending.

Presentation on the library budget to the Selectboard went very well and was approved as written.

Anne Mallary had deposited the first round of checks from fundraising (over $2,000). Thank-you notes need to go out.

Anne will meet with Town Treasurer again in January to continue work. 

Communications with Selectboard

It was somewhat unclear which contractor was going to be in charge of snow removal for the year. One representative from the Library needs to clarify our expectations regarding snow removal and salt spreading.

Select board was also informed of upcoming need for repainting exterior of the building, furnace upgrade in the next year or two.

Librarian’s Report

Volunteers have been entering new books in the library catalog.

Heat - Both furnaces are working now.

Hot water - Theresa will call an electrician to come look at why the hot water and freezer/fridge are tripping circuits. Also get the hot water heater in the community room on a switch.

Old Business

Fund raising letter mailing is completed.

The 2016 thank-you gifts have been sent to recipients.

New Business

Theresa asked if Winter Evenings insert would be ready for thank-you notes.

Keychains are available for sale, $12 ea.

Action Items

Theresa will contact an electrician.

Jean will talk to Jackie about snow removal requirements.

Next meeting: January 8, 2018