March 22, 2017

TPL Minutes 3-22-2017  6:30 pm

Anita Abbot, Anne Linnehan, Theresa Fitzgerald, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

    New volunteer might be helping with the Library’s Facebook page.

Secretary’s Report

Names omitted to protect anonymity. Read in at meeting and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Jean will ask Anne to email us with the current version of the spreadsheet.

Librarian’s Report

Some problems with the heating system that Jean and Ben are working with technicians to sort out.

New computers are here!

Euclid presented a classic movie night - 14 attendees. Next one is April 1. Story hour and cartoon workshop also taking place twice monthly.

Fiber Group is meeting twice per month also.

ArtSpace - April 9th is next opening. Lots of art coming in to the library over the next couple of months!

April 7th is Next Winter Evenings - Felicity Swayze.

Community Room use is picking up steadily.

Budget spending priorities: book and materials are a priority.



Ben said that a new wireless router would cover more of the library square footage; setup of internet.

Sarah will help with cleanup of internet equipment cleanup, suggested buying a WIFI mesh router to improve signal throughout the building. Sarah will work with Ben on the purchase.


Election of Officers

Theresa and Anita elected co-chairs.

Anne Mallary elected Treasurer and Theresa will work with Anne Mallary to learn about the Treasurer’s job.

Sarah elected Secretary - asked that chairs send an agenda via email before each meeting.

Old Business


Theresa is working with Ben to make the timesheet filling out and submission more efficient.

Meeting Schedule

Trustees agreed to keep our second-Wednesday of the month schedule. Next meeting is Wednesday April 12th at 6:30.