April 12, 2017

Attendees: Theresa Fitzgerald, Anita Abbot, Anne Mallary, Anne Linehan, Sarah Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

1. Community Input

Tree in front of the library hast been taken down. Patrons have commented that they like the new larger screens on the public computers.

2. Secretary'sReport

Minutes read at the meeting and approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Anne M. distributed a spreadsheet from March 6, 2017. She is waiting on a chance to meet with the Town Treasurer to get the latest information.

Jean has spent $2,800 on books and materials (of $3,200).

Equipment:  $323.74 for refurbished Apple computer.  $350 - $400 for new Wifi router.

Furnace inspection: $97

Checkbook at $6,600 as of March 6.

4. Librarian’s Report

Computers are working pretty well. Need some followup on tech support from Systems Plus - Microsoft Office installation. Theresa will contact Jason again to ask them to finish the installation properly.

Had a nice reception with the new Art Space installation.  Fern has been very well organized as Art Space Coordinator.

Story hour and after school programs are going well.

Letter from the VT Community Foundation - someone has left funds to the Tunbridge Public Library. First distribution will be in February 2018 for “programs and operations”.  Euclid can tell us to whom we should send a thank-you note.

Pewter ornament is still in progress. Jean and Ben are working with the artist.

Eileen is working with Jean and Ben to choose a replacement for the large tree that was taken down in the front.

5. Old Business

- Hot water heater.

Ben and Jean are going to contact Ben Linehan for a diagnosis on the current hot water heater and get a quote for new system(s).

- Furnace update

Furnace repair required special part but furnace is no longer made and should be replaced. Will be important to ask the Selectboard for extra funds before winter 2017/2018. Theresa suggested that the Library consider humidification, air conditioning, and heat as a total package, perhaps new technology to save on long-term costs.

- Update on Ethernet / Wifi

Sarah will create a separate wifi network for Library staff computers.

Issue of Fairpoint vs. Comcast and what devices are on which part of the network?  Sarah suggested that 

the library choose just one service, not two, so that all computers and peripherals are on one system.

- Email

Sarah is testing a Google Group since the tpl.trustees address is not forwarding as it should.

6. New Business

- Friend's of the Library meeting info.

Ben is working with Friends on some ideas for the spring fundraising activities.

* Next Trustee Meeting Dates:

May 10th and June 14th

Time Sheets to be signed by: Saturday April 15th - to clerk on April 16th.

- Trustees signed at the meeting.

Action Items

Jean will contact Euclid about sending a thank-you note for the new bequest in their will.

Ben will purchase the Wifi mesh unit and schedule setup with Sarah.

Theresa will contact Systems Plus about the Microsoft authorization.

Theresa and Anita will speak with the Selectboard about planning for a new furnace.

Jean will speak with Ben Linehan about the water heater and possibly a quote for new system(s) for heating, water, and air conditioning.