May 10, 2017

Tunbridge Library Trustees Meeting
Attendees: Anne Mallory, Anne Linehan, Theresa FitzGerald, Anita Abbott, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input :
- Holes in pavement at the road edge of walkway / drain grate

Secretary's Report:
- Draft minutes from 4/12 meeting were read aloud and approved 

Treasurer's Report:
- Review monthly and year-to-date balances
- Suggestion to add additional column on spread sheet for new year budget (ie. 2017-2018)
- Discussed increasing hours due to cleaning of community room with increased use
- Cleaning assistance in basement should be on library payroll 

Librarian's Report:
- Story hour(s) attempting to cover the span of ages from very young to young adolescent
- New volunteer
- Still need information for thank-you note for the new bequest in their will.
- Discussion about new tree planting placement and species best for location.

Old Business:
- Building maintenance: hot water &  furnace.
- Mesh network for improved WiFi in building has been ordered 

New Business:
Community room use & need for increase cleaning hours.

Action Items:
- Anita: Scheduled elect board meeting May 23rd re: furnace, sidewalk repair
- Theresa: contact Carrie & Sarah re: fiber group for Art Space
- Jean and Ben will work on publicizing the One Click service for e-books and audiobooks.

Next Trustee meeting date: June 12th - Monday. 
Time Sheets to be signed by: Friday May 19th  & May 31st