June 19, 2017


Anne Mallary, Anne Linehan, Anita Abbot, Sarah Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Town Treasurer Becky Hoyt

DRAFT to be approved at next meeting.

Community Input

Timely reply of thank you notes.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from May were approved, pending a few typo corrections.

Treasurer’s Report

Updated balances as of 6-5-2017 was shared and reviewed.

    Just about on track in most categories; slightly over on payroll.

    Added a column for new budget year.

     Need $7,000 for health insurance reimbursement.

    We will ask Friends first for the needed funds ($9,000 total including health insurance) and fallback on Trustees of Public Funds for any gap.

Jean mentioned plans for making of a bench out of the wood from the old tree.

Librarian’s Report

Summer programs have started.

Weekly or monthly regular volunteer status?

We have a volunteer to sell books during the Jenny Brook weekend (at the Fairgrounds).

Jean has spent down outstanding budget categories.

Circulation desk coverage on Saturday mornings - Jean would like another person to help out. Anne Mallary said she would help identify candidates.

Old Business

Anita gave an update from meeting with the Selectboard re: furnace & sidewalk maintenance.

    Blacktop fix for sidewalk is on the Selectboard’s schedule for repair.

    Select board will pay for the cost to have the tree removed. Jean will follow up with Peter Amber about billing the town.

    Furnace - Selectboard asked for the Library to get an estimate before they approve funds.

Next steps: Get a reading from Dave about what he expects would happen for the next heating season.

Ben Linehan could bid on new system. (Need 2 more quotes?)

Ben will come to a meeting and explain what options we might want to consider.

Ben Linehan looked at hot water heater and will be back to repair it.

Wireless printers - Ben Wolfe had some questions. Sarah volunteered to help if problems are persistent.

Art Space - Tunbridge & SoRo fiber groups working with Fern to coordinate show

Recurring meetings are now set for the second Monday of the month.

New Business

Inquire about printing of thank you note cards.

Jean and Trustees were concerned about a lack of personalization.

Next meeting in August: Prepare to look at fund raising events and volunteer coordination.

Meeting with the Town Treasurer

Change in town accounting system is coming. Previously used Quickbooks and the Library was a separate Company with this system (NEMRC), the Library should be a department in the town (because of the shared tax ID). Becky has been setting up a new chart of accounts in the new system. Also asked if we could write a letter to grant permission to move the Library checking account from Bar Harbor / Lake Sunapee to Mascoma. Trustees voted to approve.

Becky gave us a new chart of accounts to review. She asked us to follow this new chart of accounts when we submit budgets.

Trustees will still sign orders which may be reviewed by the Selectboard.

Action Items

Anne Mallary will meet with Town Treasurer to review new Chart of Accounts.

Anne Mallary will contact our Friends representative about requesting the needed funds from the Friends of the Library.

Jean talk to the contractor about the furnace.

Jean will put another call for volunteers in the Tunbridge Quarterly.

Ben Wolfe will followup with advertising the One Click e-book and audiobook service.

Anne Linehan will ask Ben Linehan to come to our August meeting.

Next Meeting

Monday, August 14 at 6:30 pm