August 14, 2017

Theresa Fitzgerald, Anita Abbott, Anne Mallary, Anne Linehan, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Guest: Ben Linehan, AHT Plumbing and Heating

Community Input

Concerns have been raised that there are, at times, items blocking walkways, stairways, etc. Safety for library staff and volunteers is the concern.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from June 19 read into the meeting and approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report

Anne Mallary distributed the updated report from the end of June.

Anne planned to meet again with the town Treasurer to make sure that the record keeping done by both agrees (in terms of the way that line items and detail are represented).’

Jean let us know that there was another $200 donation received.

Librarian’s Report

Jean said there has been a lot of collections maintenance, including discarding. Summer program happened every week and took a lot of time, with regular attendance. Larger attendance than last year.

Library young readers had the opportunity to participate in the Race to Read at Thunder Road - had a race car on site and kids were able to sign.

Jean reminded us of the library picnic and encouraged Library Trustees to attend. Sunday, August 27th at 12:30 pm - pot luck. Library will provide beverages and ice cream.

Next Artspace opening is September 24.

Ben mentioned that some of the kids at reading group wanted to help out and will try to work with them to find a fun activity.

Old Business

Theresa asked if Library stationary can be commercially printed instead of using the library printers - all agreed.

New Business

Plumbing / Heating information with guest Ben Linehan

Ben Linehan had reviewed the Library's current hot water and heating systems and shared the following:

The existing furnace under the original part of the library is very efficient (93%). Ben didn’t think there would be a problem maintaining or getting a part, and recommended to keep the unit in service and having it repaired as necessary for the next few years. The brand is well known and reliable. If there were a problem Ben recommended just replacing this unit, the most economical solution. He indicated the duct work was in good shape too.

Ben did not recommend looking into a heat pump system for the Library, given the large size of the structure and the associated costs ($15,000 or more). Ben did suggest a heat pump water heater might be a good idea in the future, to replace the existing unit in the original part of the building, because it has dehumidifying capabilities in addition to heating water. For now the Library is using a couple of dehumidifiers in the summer to control humidity in the basement. Ben had recently replaced a malfunctioning thermostat on this existing hot water heater and it is now running well.

Ben observed the 2-gal hot water heater in the community room could be put on a switch to minimize electricity use when the room is not in use.

Side Walk Paving Update

The town has contracted to have public walkways repaved, including the library. There was some confusion as to whether Library is responsible for any of the preparation or cost of this project. Theresa will follow up with the Selectboard to clarify.

Trustee Goals for Fiscal Year

Theresa suggested having a Trustee organizer or point person for some of the ongoing activities and events, publicity, etc. Possible tie-in with the Friends group and volunteer network. For further discussion.

Action Items

Jean will call Dave and schedule a furnace check-up before heating season.

Theresa will email Selectboard to follow up with them about our previous concern over water/heating needs, and let them know we will keep them informed as the furnace continues to age and may need replacement within 3-4 years. Theresa will also clarify the questions about upcoming paving.

Sarah will get quotes on printing costs for blank Library stationary at two local presses.

Next Meeting (tentative)

Monday, September 11, 2017