January 8, 2018

Anita Abbot, Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Linehan, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe

Community Input:

Some concerns raised regarding unattended minors using the library after school. We discussed having a library policy with an age requirement, also suggested that the students be invited to fill out an application for a library card.

Secretary’s Report:

Minutes from December meeting approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report:

None submitted.

Librarian’s Report:

Jean reported the heat is now fixed.

First Winter Evening went well with 55 people attending.

Jean requested that the Trustees sign a statement to enable the town treasurer to pay recurring bills (internet, phone, master card, propane), for efficiency sake. Sarah drafted a statement that we can sign at the next meeting.

Old Business:

Electricians have made some necessary repairs for hot water breaker and freezer. Possible issues remain for the hot water heater. Theresa suggested following up with the electrician about this residual issue.

New Business:

Fundraising to-date is approximately $5,600. Trustees divided up donation slips to send thank-you notes.

Action Items:

- Theresa will talk to electrician about recurring breaker issue.

- Trustees will send thank-you notes for the current round.