October 17, 2018 (special meeting)

Eve Ermer, Anne Mallary, Theresa Fitsgerald, Jean Wolfe

Discussed Library Custodian Job description

· Edited job description and custodial log

· Will discuss and approve at a regular meeting

· Eve will send draft copy to all Trustees and Librarian

Reviewed Library Custodian position

· Discussed need for substitute custodian

· Reviewed VLCT job application, need to tailor to our needs

· Discussed where to advertise position

o Town website

o Front porch forum

o The Herald (for 2 weeks)

Theresa presented the Town’s official time card for hourly-paid Library employees to use.

Action Items

· Eve- update job description

· Theresa- update custodial log and time card

· Jean- will talk with Administrative Assistant about hiring procedure and advertising

· Anne- contact Judy Howe about picking up trash to take to transfer station

Adjourned at 7:20 PM