November 12, 2018

Meeting of Tunbridge Library Trustees

Monday, November 12, 2018, 7:00 pm

DRAFT to be approved at next meeting

Eve Ermer, Theresa FitzGerald, Anne Linehan, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe

Community Input

Eve received a comment that the Library Facebook page had been out of date. (The Art Opening was posted more recently.) Jean will ask Ben to update more regularly. Jean received good comments about the library space and collections.

Minutes from October meetings were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Time sheets and the warrant for October were reviewed and signed.

Budget update - Theresa put together a draft of the budget for this year including some historical spending data.

We reviewed spending year-to-date and we are on track in most categories. Electricity has been up over the budgeted amount, and some categories (programs, supplies) were spent down early in the year.

We worked some more with our draft budget and just need to confirm wages and FICA for next year. Theresa will update our draft and Sarah is available to make the budget presentation to the Selectboard on November 27th.

Librarian’s Report

Story Hour has been going very well. Regularly meeting on Saturday mornings.

Upcoming presentation about making ecological lifestyle changes - the event is being well-publicized and is co-sponsored by BALE.

Art Space exhibits have been running very smoothly with coordinator in place.

The Friends of TPL have raised about $1,500 in the current holiday gift and book sale.

Custodian Job Description

Minor grammatical updates on the checklist from Eve.

We need to check with Town about who cleans exterior windows / screens and remind the of the need for repairs and re-painting to exterior trim on the Library building .

Trustees approved the final version of the job description.

Jean has put together an application for the position and is expecting a couple of applicants.

Draft Fundraising Letter

Anne Linehan will send us a draft by November 19th. Approve via email by Thanksgiving. Sarah will make up packets Thanksgiving weekend - asked Jean to have the donation slips ready.

We discussed the need for an updated mailing list for the fundraising letter as well. Sarah will ask Anne Mallary to help Jean with this.


Meeting adjourned 8:22 pm.

Next Meeting: Monday, December 10, 2018