February 12, 2018

Anita Abbot, Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Linnehan, Jean Wolfe

Community Input

-Patron questioned if library is still sending library event publicity emails -
-yes being sent, need to update individual email address

Secretary’s Report
-minutes from January meeting approved as written

- time sheets available to view in yellow folder

-trustees listed on town web site will update after TMD
 Geoff Hanson is the contact person

Treasurer’s Report

tabled - treasurer absent

Librarian’s Report

-story hour & cartoon group continue to go well

-heat & hot water appear to be working

-drain out front may need to be lowered, ice / water build up at entrance

Old Business
- thank you notes &  cheese gifts sent up to date

New Business

- names for open trustee position(s)

Action Items

- Theresa , Jean & Anita will make contacts with suggested names for perspective trustees

- Theresa will email draft of trustee monthly task lists to trustees & Jean

Next meeting date: March 12th