April 9, 2018

Trustees of Tunbridge Public Library

Present: Eve Ermer, Theresa FitzGerald, Anne Mallary, Anne Linehan, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe
Community Input
-  Possible new time for Story Hour. We discussed options and decided that it should be coordinated with the parents who would like to attend.

- Eve mentioned a question about what was included in the Salary line item in the library’s budget, and questions about whether others besides the Librarian are paid staff. The answer is yes, there are 4 hourly staff in addition to the salaried Librarian position.

- Suggestion that the Archives Room be dedicated to an individual in town.
Sarah raised questions of whether the Trustees have the right to officially name the space. There is a precedent of NOT officially naming other portions of the building that have been built out with significant donations. Perhaps the Archive itself could be dedicated? Trustees decided to table for future discussion.

- Theresa mentioned that a group from South Royalton had some nice comments on our Library and the space, layout and presentation.

Secretary’s Report
- Approve minutes from February 2018 meeting.
- Approve notes from March 2018 meeting.
Both months approved as posted (with revisions).
- View and sign time sheets.

Treasurer’s Report
- Review draft budget spreadsheet from Becky.
Theresa gave us an update and asked for some assistance in getting the current and 2018-2019 numbers into online spreadsheets. Anne Mallary will assist Theresa with this.
Sarah will send the login for the Google Trustee account so that Theresa and future Library Treasurers have access.
- Special donations in honor of Anne Peters will be used for landscaping near the Library walkway.

Librarian’s Report
- Cartoon Workshop has been successful and growing!
- Film series underway (every-other Saturday).
- Upper Valley Mountain Literature Society (reading group) is also growing.
- Jean has been spending down the budget.

Old Business
- Building report. Jean says the Water Heater has been behaving better, however the water is still too hot sometimes.

New Business
- Official elections for trustee positions.
Anne Linehan as Chair
Sarah Tischer Scully as Secretary
Theresa FitzGerald as Treasurer
Eve Ermer as Co-chair
Anne Mallary is Member at Large

- Ben mentioned some requests received for the Community Room recently:
Baby Shower (private event)
Sheep & Wool Festival Workshop (paid classes)
We had some discussion on the current policy, both the wording and the overall intent: how is the library (and the community room) to be used and what is appropriate? What precedents have been set thus far? We decided to consider these questions and address in more detail at a future meeting.
In the meantime, Ben will update the current policy/form, to ensure library trustee names are current and to clarify the users’ responsibility regarding the pickup of the key.

- Action Items
Eve will get community room / library use policy from Howe Library and Kilton Library
Sarah will get community room / library use policy from Randolph Library and South Royalton
Ben will update the current policy (key pickup, Trustee names)

Sarah will send the login for the Google Trustee account so that Theresa and future Library Treasurers have access.

Next meeting date: May 14, 7:00 pm