May 14, 2018

Tunbridge Public Library

May 14, 2018, 7:00 pm

Anne Linehan, Anne Mallary, Eve Ermer, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from the April meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Theresa sent some documents as she was unexpectedly absent, including this message:

I have shared the Google Doc spread sheet It still needs some adjustments, I have been working with the town treasurer and we continue to update our figures as the monthly entries had not been completed since November.

The town treasure will be scanning the monthly invoices for Jean to print, trustees to review and then sign a warrant with the invoices  listed for the trustees to sign (3 signatures needed). Jean will sign the bills as the authorized Dept. head which means that she has looked them over and they look right to her.  Then the town treasurer will give the Library board a Warrant will all the bills from the previous month that you have approved for them to sign.  Then town treasurer will just need a copy of the signed Warrant for her records.

We discussed whether there was a need for bills to be approved ahead of time in this manner. Had there been unpaid bills int he past that created problems? Anne Mallary will up with Theresa and the Town Treasurer about orders and to clarify that Selectboard approval is not required. We will revisit the procedure at the next Trustees meeting.

- Monthly budget and spending

We reviewed the spreadsheet that Theresa had also sent. Sarah will send the login information for the Trustees Google account so that Library Treasurer documents can be stored and shared from a central location.

- Review of monthly invoices & payroll

We reviewed and signed some invoices and reviewed time sheets. Time sheet for one member of staff was incomplete and we asked that it be ready for the next meeting.

Librarian’s Report

- Hot water heater is now fixed!

- Discovered that another local library was holding story hour at the same time that Tunbridge was having theirs, so the Tunbridge group may choose another time to provide more options for local parents.

- New activity for young readers to share books they had been reading (like a “book club”).

- Jean expressed some needs for the book sale - looking for another experienced reader to help price special books?

Old Business

- Community room use policy

Eve brought policies from Howe and Kilton libraries. These policies more clearly defined the use of their “meeting rooms” including use by boards, non-profit groups, members of the public, and tutors. Sarah volunteered to incorporate some clarification language from these examples into a revised draft of the TPL policy, to be reviewed at the next meeting.

- Naming of the archive room or archive

Anne Linehan will ask members of the Historical Society to come to our next meeting for their input.

New Business

- Need for locked cash box?

Anne Mallary will get a lock box for the Library.

- Invitation to “town round table discussion” May 31st.

Attendees at Library Trustees meeting did not know what this event was, but Eve and Sarah may be able to go if a Library representative is desired. Anne Linehan said she would find out and share more information.

Action Items

Anne L.: Invite Historical Society members to come to our next meeting for their input on the Archive naming. Find out and share info on the Town Round Table.

Anne M.: Work with Jean to get a lock box for the Library. Continue working with Theresa on Library budget / spending spreadsheet. Clarify approval/spending process with town treasurer.

Theresa: Continue working on Library budget / spending spreadsheet.

Sarah: Share the library rooms policy from Kimball Library. Draft a revised Tunbridge Library policy and circulate before the next meeting. Share Google login for the TPL account.

Eve: Send other library’s meeting rooms policies to TPL trustees and library staff. 

Jean: Send Tunbridge meeting room policy to Sarah for editing.

Next meeting date

June 11, 2018 7:00 pm

Next meeting agenda items:

- Archive dedication discussion with Historical Society board.

- Review new draft of Community Room use policy

- Approval procedure for library spending

- Review time sheets from May