June 11, 2018

Tunbridge Public Library
Trustee Meeting
Eve Ermer, Theresa FitzGerald, Anne Linehan, Anne Mallary, Sarah Tischer Scully, Ben Wolfe, Jean Wolfe

Secretary’s Report
- Approved minutes from May 2018 meeting.
Treasurer’s Report
- Theresa has been working with the town treasurer to better understand correlation between town accounts to Library accounts, but not all information is transferred over, and there should be a system for double-checking how amounts are entered. Anne M. and Anne L. will meet with Theresa and the Town Treasurer for a training session.

- The town treasurer is also issuing a warrant monthly for all Library bills so that Trustees can sign off on them at our monthly meetings.

- End of fiscal year figures:
We discussed how the end-of-year funding works. The Library will require a donation from the Friends of the budgeted amount of $10,000. Voted to approve this action.

Librarian’s Report
- Story hour us undergoing a shift because the usual person is taking the summer off.

- July 4th and Frederick Douglas’ speech event planned.

- Book club is gathering steam and Ben is encouraging more young readers to join in.

- Summer program for school children starts the last week in June.

- Cartoon program is still up and running.

Old Business
-  Community room use policy
Tabled - will review at next meeting.

- Naming archive
Tabled - Anne L. will follow up with Historical Society

New Business
- Update from May 31 town round table discussion.

Eve and Sarah attended. While it was less a discussion than a report of what each attendee does for the town, we felt it was positive for the Library to have a presence. If another meeting is scheduled we will make some suggestions for more of a discussion-style format.

Action Items
Theresa will request funds from Friends.

Anne M., Anne L. and Theresa will meet with town treasurer and set up an accounting workflow.

Anne M. will get a cash box for Library use.

Sarah will draft revised community room policy for review.

Next meeting date: July 9, 2018, 7:00 pm.