September 10, 2018

Eve Ermer, Theresa FitzGerald, Sarah Tischer Scully, Anne Linehan, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input
Eve attended the Library picnic and VINS presentation that took place a couple of weeks ago. Turnout was good.

Ben made the suggestion to have a comment box or suggestion box for patrons to leave notes.

Secretary’s Report
Approve minutes from August 2018 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report
Review time sheets.

Theresa gave us an updated spending for the current year.

Some discussion of new patterns in income and budget that are of concern: what to expect financially from Friends of the TPL, what to do about fundraising goals (especially if not met), etc.

Sarah suggested we all think about options for fundraising, budgeting, etc for the October meeting.

Librarian’s Report

Check from the Humanities Council for $150 to reimburse the Library for the Frederick Douglass reading from July 4th (a grant).

There were 14 participants at story hour last week.

Eileen has started re-landscaping the front beds to help with drainage.

Ben has been working on repair and refurbishment of benches.

Old Business
Update on request for public funds: Anne Linehan has submitted our request to the Trustees of Public Funds for the approved $5,000.

New Business
Custodian job description.
There was a brief discussion of the job description and we received a draft from the Library Director. Will review for the next meeting.

Need to speak with Selectboard about: trim on the exterior of the building, shoveling the walk vs. salting it; trash removal.

Action Items (ALL)
Look at job description and send changes to Sarah.

Think of budget needs and fundraising ideas ahead of next meeting.

Next meeting date: October 1, 2018 *NEW DATE*
Next meeting agenda: Draft budget. Approve job description for Custodian.