April 22, 2019

Carrie Cooker, Eve Ermer, Anne Linehan, Fern Strong, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

Bunchie Angel suggested that having a weekday morning that the library is open would be helpful for some community members, particularly elderly folk.

Christina Marts had noted that some libraries have snowshoe checkout program during winter months.

We agreed it may be a good idea to offer loans of non-reading / viewing materials. Sarah suggested the library send out a survey to patrons to ask for their preferences regarding open hours and interest in any kind of alternative loan program (for sporting equipment, electronics, gardening tools, etc). Anne suggested that Friends of the Library money could be used to purchase items for the equipment loan program.

We have received one email from a community member which we will reply to.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from the March meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Income is approximately $2,000 less than budgeted for the year, as is Payroll expense (some lost hours due to gap in having a custodian on staff).

Books line item is underspent to date but Jean anticipates $600 for Overdrive and RB Digital.

Programs budget $125 underspent for the year, however some of the programming expenses may be covered by gift certificates purchased last year. If additional funds are needed for summer programs, those will be taken from the next budget cycle starting July 1, 2019.

Equipment: $900 budgeted for the year.

Jean proposed purchase of a new dehumidifier for the basement, and a copier / printer to replace the old one that is failing ($250 - $450 depending on the model and toner requirements). Trustees agreed these were timely purchases. Any surplus in the equipment budget will be rolled over to next year for computer replacement.

Building Repairs has about $1,500 currently. Some issues of note:

1. Leak near the foundation on the north side of the building.

2. Grading is needed around other parts of the foundation to prevent heavy rains from sending water back into the basement.

Sarah will send an email to the Selectboard asking them to re-grade this summer.

3. Water heater in the old part of the building is leaking a bit - Jean will follow up with the plumber about possible repair or connecting the newer water heater to serve both restrooms.

Eve will meet with Jean as needed about end of year spending on the budget.

Librarian’s Report

Circulation figures are up from the past couple of years. Story Hours have been well attended. There is a Vernal Pool event on May 19th and an environmental reading and discussion group in the works.

Tunbridge Walking Group published a guide to walks in Tunbridge - will be sold at the Library for $5 and profits will benefit the Library.

ArtSpace Opening - May 5 to June 17 by Jean Gerber, watercolor painter.

Old Business

Anne and Carrie will attend the Friends meeting to represent the Library. Saturday, May 4th at 3:00 pm at the Library.

Trustee Notebook - Tabled until next meeting.

Funding from the Friends - We noted that there may need to be a clarification of the role of Friends in regard to decisions about what items are purchased for the Library. While Friends may make suggestions or requests, final decision is with the Library Director with guidance from the Trustees.

Ben circulated a letter with information for the Trustees at the start of the meeting, and we will follow up with this at the next meeting.

Executive Session was declared at 8:12 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm.

Next Meeting: Monday, May 13th 7:00 pm