June 10, 2019

Carrie Cooker, Eve Ermer, Anne Linehan, Fern Strong, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

New bulletin board in the entryway.

Secretary’s Report

Meeting minutes from May were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

We received $375 in donations since last month.

Eve had some concerns for items that should be paid in this fiscal year if possible:

We asked Jean to submit her medical reimbursement request asap.

The state library hasn’t billed for the OneClick service yet. Jean will follow up with them.

Dave Royce owes us a bill for propane repair work.

Current credit card bill had the new copier and dehumidifier charge on it.

Otherwise, we are anticipating an rollover of several thousand dollars going into the 2019-2020 year (as planned).

Timesheet and warrant were reviewed and signed.

Librarian’s Report

Working on a plan to create new shelving for DVDs, Audiobooks on CD, and other (non-book) media, this will be a donation from library patrons Paul and Carrie Cooker.

New programs coming throughout the summer.

Ben secured a grant for 25 copies of March by Rep John Lewis from VT Humanities Council - a grant for the Vermont Reads program.

The library received a donation of a painting of the Mill Bridge, which be hung in the Community Room along with commemorative information.

Jean has been doing some gardening and relocating plants to new beds.

Trustee Notebook

Fern will work with Jean to gather the information that exists.

New Business

- Patron Survey

Carrie and Eve brought a draft of the survey - we suggested adding some demographic questions (age groups, do they live in Tunbridge).

Revised survey for review at next meeting. We’ll run it from July - November in both print and electronic format.

- Borrowing privileges at other libraries (for unusual items)

We had some followup discussion and Ben will continue to investigate what other libraries do and what advice they have for circulating items like technology equipment, sports equipment, crafts, etc.

Action Items

Anne will follow up about the mowing contract

Eve and Carrie will revise the survey.

Sarah will contact the Selectboard about grading around the library for better drainage.

Jean will follow up with financial items above.