June 20, 2019 (special meeting)

Carrie Cooker, Eve Ermer, Fern Strong, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm

Three items to review for end of year spending: 

1. Jean submitted her medical insurance costs for reimbursement. As per usual, Library Trustees will pay the amount budgeted: for FY 18/19 that is $8,000.

2. Programs budget item: there is $125 remaining in the budget for 18/19.

The Library has contracted with an outside person for a portion of the Summer Reading Program at a rate of $300 for programs offered in June and July. Trustees agreed to pay $125 from the 18/19 budget in June and to order the payment of the remaining $175 from the 19/20 budget at the beginning of July.

3. Books budget item:  The fee from Q4 (March - May, 2019) for the state library eBook subscription was waived, therefore there was an extra amount (approximately $500) left in the books fund for the 18/19 fiscal year. Jean has purchased supplemental books for the library’s collection in this amount. Trustees agreed that we would order a supplemental payment on the Library’s credit card (where the book charges were made on June 13 and 14) in order to ensure that these charges are reflected in the 18/19 fiscal year, as planned.

Trustees signed orders regarding items 1-3 at the meeting. Eve will deliver these to the Town Treasurer so that payments can be made before the end of the month.

Meeting adjourned at 6:32 pm.