July 8, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm

Carrie Cooker, Eve Ermer, Anne Linehan, Fern Strong, Sarah Tischer Scully, Ben Wolfe, Jean Wolfe

Community Input

Review of TPL from a visitor from Toronto posted to the Facebook page. Positive comments on the Frederick Douglass reading for July 4th. New shelving for media looks great!

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from June 2019 meetings were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Becky needed to fix a couple of amounts in the spreadsheet. We are starting the fiscal year (July 1, 2019) we are starting with a little more than $4,000 in cash in the library account, may not be 100% accurate but Eve is certain that we have a rollover amount for this year as we had planned.

A $220 donation was received in July.

We reviewed the Warrant and signed timesheets for June.

We need to check with Selectboard about what everyone is being paid and how wage increases are being implemented. Eve will check with the Treasurer as the first step.

Librarian’s Report

A donation was made towards new plantings, and the garden around the porch is looking very nice.

New programs are happening, including temporary housing of the 3rd Grade pet turtle.

Lots of visitors during the Jenny Brook music festival including impromptu jam sessions on the lawn.

Ben is working on the two benches to be refurbished for the front.

Jean will let us know when the Friends picnic will be held.

Old Business

Library Trustee Notebook - Fern has begun gathering information. Jean has turned in an old copy of the Trustees documents (strategies, 5-year, plan, bylaws). Other needs per the Library Trustees Handbook: written job descriptions, copy of the budget, contact info for Trustees.

Mowing contract - Anne will follow up with Selectboard.

Revised patron survey - Eve presented the revised version at the meeting. Eve, Anne, and Ben will advertise / post the survey online and in person. Survey will run through November 30, 2019.

Action Items

Eve will follow up with Treasurer regarding FY 18-19 close and wages for library staff.

Fern will circulate the existing 5-year plan and Trustees bylaws for consideration before next meeting.

Jean & Ben will draft job descriptions.

Eve, Anne, and Ben will advertise the electronic survey in various fora.

Carrie will make hard copies and circulate the survey.