September 9, 2019

Carrie Cooker, Eve Ermer, Anne Linehan, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

The double payment to VINS was resolved with a reimbursement to us

Discussion of how to track areas of interest to the library staff/trustees (e.g. certain program expenses such as pizza purchases, and garden) when we want to differentiate between our expenses vs. community donations that offset them. The Town spreadsheet isn't set up to show this. No final decision made other than that we would like the ability to track.

We will end the fy in slight negative balance--just before taxes refresh our account. Eve debated asking the Trustees of Public Funds for funds to cover the short fall and realized that there would only be about a 2-week span of concern. She will make note to ask the Trustees of Public Funds for funds to bridge this gap next year.

Investments changing from Morgan Stanley to Edward Jones.
Discussion of staff raises: how much? hours vs. raise amount? merit or professional development considerations? Based on job description? Decided this would be incorporated into the 5-year plan to be discussed later this month in executive session

Librarian's report

potluck and interview following were well attended and received

there's been an increase in new patrons

young writers' group, chess club, and fiber group continue to draw attendance

Action Items

  1. Carrie will check with Jillian to see if there are any surveys to pick up; if so, she will get them to Eve before Sept. 20.

  2. Anne will post the survey closing date of Sept 20 in the Tunbridge list-serv.

  3. Eve will post the survey closing date of Sept 20 in the Front Porch Forum

  4. Eve to present preliminary budget at October meeting

  5. Eve will prepare survey report at our Sept 22 special session.

  6. Anne will bring the Brewers' 5 year plan to the special session.

  7. Ben to email planning preparation documents resource link to meeting members.