July 8, 2015


Attendance: Anita Abbot, Sue Barnaby, Catherine Freese, Marsha Higgins, Sarah Scully. Absent: Anne Mallary and Ben Wolfe


Liz Guth has told us that this year was her last in heading up the Memorial Day Plant Sale. We spoke of asking Joanne Goodnow to be our volunteer coordinator, and or to help with calling volunteers, making lists, and steering people along volunteer positions they may enjoy. Additionally, Janice Mattern expressed interest in the Plant Sale workings.


Anita forgot last month's minutes again, however Sarah had graciously altered her report accordingly, and filed it on the TPL website. The minutes were approved.


Anne Mallary was absent.


The ad went out on Front Porch Forum for a new cleaning person for the library. Story Hour is progressing well, Ben and Jody are keeping it simple with free books and ice cream. There is an on-going small discussion group for the novel Switch


Marsha Higgins gave us a 15 minute informed talk about her experiences as being the former Art Space coordinator for many years at the library. Her insight was a big help in rethinking the current contract between the library and its potential artists. This contract will be revised pending Ben Wolfe and Betsy Geiser's (current ArtSpace coordinator) upcoming meeting. We agreed every artist will need a hard copy of this contract, and the library will request a given percentage of the total sales. Additionally, Ben wrote a page of his thoughts on this matter which was handed out to all of us at the meeting. 

"MONITORING THE INTERNET" DISCUSSION: Tabled until Ben is available.

FUNDRAISING: Preparing for Jenn's Visit/Brainstorming Letter Ideas: This has been tabled for later.


    ◆    Anita will copy and rewrite with corrections the Friends of the Tunbridge Public Library Agreement for Art Exhibitors. (This will be readdressed after Ben speaks with Betsy Geiser.)

    ◆    Gift certificates to be purchased by Catherine for Liz Guth and Carol Frenier, $50.00 each, at the SoRo Food Co-op. (Donna N. to be notified by email first.)

    ◆    Next TPL trustees meeting: August 12th at 6:30pm.

    ◆    Catherine or Sue will find out if the Fairground (Gilman Bldg.) is available on the last Sunday in August for the TPL Volunteers Potluck Party.

June 10, 2015

Library Trustees Meeting

Attendance: Anita Abbot, Sue Barnaby, Catherine Freese, Anne Mallary, Sarah Scully, Anita Abbot. Ben Wolfe Absent: Jean Wolfe, Librarian

Community Input: Sarah mentioned that a friend who visited the library recently was taken aback at being asked for their name when they came in to the building. Question of whether this is regular practice and what purpose it serves - it may make some uncomfortable. Trustees & Ben agreed that library use statistics would be recorded anonymously rather than recording names. Library workers and volunteers need to be updated on this change.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes from May were reviewed and approved with the change that the Secretary will post the minutes to the town website if necessary.

Treasurer’s Report:  All financial information (e.g. health insurance, supplies, programs, building repairs, credit card bills) pertaining to the remainder of the fiscal year is due by June 30th!  

Additionally, we need Simon Bradford's bills, with description of work done and cost.

Librarian’s Report: The purchase of internet security program Clean Slate did not go through as planned, but then was jointly purchased with other libraries successfully. A DVD cleaner was also purchased. Lawn mowing is being paid for us by the town.

A Help Wanted advertisement is to be placed in local newspapers, e.g., Front Porch Forum, It's Classified, for a cleaning person. A discussion followed pertaining to town policies regarding job hiring; we are a municipal library / do town positions need to be advertised? What are the policies? , etc. Jean Wolfe will get a job description written with contact, rate, and number of hours, and including a cut-off date for application.

Memorial Day Sale Update: Sale went well and we raised about the same amount as the previous year overall.

Building Repair Check-In:

Art Space Contract Review:

Four major changes were made to the contract:

1: Remove second sentence "We have listed below…"

2: Line #6: "The library requires a donation of 25%…" (this figure to be discussed by Ben with Lisa Kippen and Betsy Geiser).

3: Line #7: Last sentence to be amended to read: "…that your work is properly cared for while in the library and exhibited."

4. Signed_______ to be amended to: "By Signing I agree to these terms_____"

Lisa Kippen and Betsy Geiser will be asked about the amount given to the library (25%?) - what do neighboring libraries ask? The policy will be formally revised at the next meeting.

Monitoring the Internet Discussion- tabled

Brainstorming on the 2016 Fund Raising Letter- tabled

Action Items

    • All financial information pertaining to the remainder of the fiscal year is due by June 30th.  Additionally, Jean will place a want ad for a library cleaning person.

    • Ben will speak with Lisa Kippen and Betsy Geiser about the new amended Agreement for Art Exhibitors, and the required percentage amount to be given to the library by them for their sales. 

Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 8th, 2015 at 6:30pm

Agenda Items

    •    August 12 or 19 for Jenn Hayslett and fund raising.

    •    Follow up discussion of tabled topics.

May 13, 2015

Attendance: Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Anne Mallary, Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot. Absent: Sarah Scully

Community Input: One local parent wishes to start and volunteer a Lego Group. Another parent is concerned about the "unfiltered" internet at the library. What can be done as a protective measure in regards to minors? What do other libraries do in this regard? This is difficult to address and will be considered. Laura DeCapua was mentioned in regards to Facebook and MealTrain concerning her recent medical emergency.

Secretary’s Report: April 2015 Meeting Minutes accepted. All Meeting Minutes now must be posted to the Tunbridge town website. They are to read "Draft Pending Approval."

Treasurer’s Report: Anne Mallory will be helping new town treasurer Becky Hoyt. We reviewed March 2015 spreadsheet of our almost ended fiscal year, and two months are not yet completed (April and May). Anne will update these figures with Becky.

Librarian’s Report: The newly christened non-fiction adult book group will meet on a weekday evening, the book to be read: Switch. Saturday morning playgroup continues on with variable attendance, and with great toys supplied by our library grant. Jean had a learning experience with the fire alarm. See below.

Check In on Memorial Day Sale: Liz Guth is working hard on the plant sale with 4 or 5 volunteers, sadly, this will be her last year. Elaine Howe will help with the Bake Sale. Laura Gillen is also baking for the sale, but will be away on Memorial Day. Downstairs at the library work continues towards the Book Sale with Grey Barreda, Lydia Flanagan and Kay Jorgensen organizing and placing books. Their hard work is almost complete and most appreciated.

Building Repair Update: Two jobs lined up as of this date: Rob K. will put in the two baby changing stations this week, plus address the north dormer of the building which needs boards replaced. Steve Rixford has kindly volunteered to paint when this repair is complete.

Lighting Update: The basement lighting will be checked today, May 15th, by our electrician Simon Bradford, and work will be done as needed. We noted that he must submit his bill and be paid by July 1st, 2015. Upstairs, Simon noted that the track lighting (fixed art light connections) that we have gets too hot due to the particular bulbs required for use. He is looking into LED replacements to address this issue. The outside lighting pending.

Archive Room Update: It was noted that it will take several persons to move the heavy donated furniture into this room. Todd Tyson has painted the floor green, and while he was sweeping, we believe particulate matter somehow interfered with the fire alarm, causing it to go on and off for several hours on Saturday May 2nd. Simon Bradford and Matt Loftus came, and in between headaches from the high pitched screeching, Jean learned that the best thing to do was to call the local fire department, who can turn off the alarm. (We could not.)

Winter Evenings Equipment Check-In: Not much here to report. Kay Jorgensen is looking into this and will get back to us. There are funds available for use. 

Art Space - Review Contract: Copies of this contract were handed out to all meeting participants, and its revision will be discussed at length at our next meeting.

Action Items:

  • Reviewing Art Space contract
  • Use of Internet discussion
  • Brainstorming on the 2016 Fund Raising Letter

Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 10th at 6:30pm

April 8, 2015

Attendance: Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Anne Mallary, Catherine Freese, Sarah Scully

Community Input (none)

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from March were reviewed, edited and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

No official report, but Anne acknowledged the appointment of a new Town Treasurer and will make time to meet with her.  Anne will speak with Becky about the “extra” $130 that was discovered last month.

Librarian’s Report

Story Hour was at the Bogardus’ sugarhouse, big success! Rob Kriatawski will be back to finish pending repairs (waiting on better weather).  Ben is working with Kay to promote the Library via the Front Porch Forum. Young Writers Workshop has continued to garner energetic support (and from surrounding towns). Ben was approached about starting a youth discussion book club and there has been interest in an adult non-fiction discussion book club - looking to see how this could get started. Ben may start with one title and see how the group can become self sustaining (organically).

Future of fundraising (brainstorming continued)

Catherine has been in touch with Jen about our interest in continuing momentum on a legacy fundraising project. Jen may be available to come to the July meeting.

    Ideas for next year’s letter:

  • An interesting item (t-shirt, ornament, mug)
  • Matching incentive
  • Raffle prize

Equipment Needs

Ben and Sarah did some research and Ben found an affordably priced machine for refurbishing optical discs. Trustees supported a purchase.

The second changing station has been ordered and Rob will install it.

Discussion of other needs - A/V equipment for events:

Winter Evenings has raised money consistently and some members would like new equipment. One item of interest is a newer lavaliere microphone to use with the existing system; some minor repairs may be needed for the PA system or perhaps a more extensive upgrade. Ben expressed a need to keep a backup inventory of consumable items (i.e. projector bulbs) to have on hand in emergencies.

Catherine will approach Kay and see what the Winter Evenings committee’s requests might be.


Library lighting - Ben is going to contact Simon Bradford about completing needed electrical work in the library and the basement.

Outside lighting - pending.

New Business

Ben raised concerns about how the ArtSpace commission is being enforced (or not) some artists may be under the impression this is “optional” when there is a clear term in the contract.

Sarah suggested ArtSpace duties can be divided among several volunteers so that all aspects (communication with the artists, publicity, collecting the commission, and organizing the refreshments) are covered by those who want or have time to do each task. Trustees will review the artist contract to be sure it is current with other gallery practices.

Anne suggested that Trustees make contact with ArtSpace and Winter Evenings committees to thank them for their work and see how to establish better support and communication.

Action Items

  • Anne will speak with Becky about the “extra” $130 that was discovered last month.
  • Ben will speak with Lisa about current practice vis a vis venue commission at public art shows.
  • Catherine or Jean will send a copy of the ArtSpace contract to Trustees for review before the next meeting.
  • Catherine will speak with Kay about equipment needs for Winter Evenings.
  • Ben will contact Simon Bradford about electrical work.

Next Meeting

Wednesday, May 13th, 6:30pm

Agenda Items

  • Ideas for next year’s fundraising letter.
  • Review ArtSpace contract.
  • Followup discussion of equipment needs.

March 22, 2015

Minutes approved at 4/7/2015 meeting

Present: Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Anne Mallary, Sarah Scully and Anita Abbot 

COMMUNITY INPUT: All good. Nothing specific came up for the trustees attention. 

SECRETARY'S REPORT-backdated 2/15/2015: Sue Barnaby took the last trustees meeting minutes and handed out an attached Treasurer's Report with the minutes.

Librarian's Report: About 200 new books have been processed recently. Story/Playgroup started on Saturday mornings. The Young Writers Group continues on Fridays. For the Summer Reading Program, the library may work with Chelsea to get Jim Arnosky in June to speak at the library. Old Business: The fundraising letter has netted $8570. so far, and we budgeted $8250. A copy of Rob's bill for the exterior work done on the library was handed out, and all seemed on target. A copy of the "building file" is here at the library. $4000. was budgeted for repair, and $3244. has been spent. Progress is being made on the snow shoveling. New Business: We worked on what to report at Town Meeting. Next Meeting: Sunday 3/8/2015 at 3pm (which was switched, with two weeks' posting, for 3/22/2015 at 3pm.) End of report. Minutes Approved. 

TREASURER'S REPORT: Anne handed out a spreadsheet. As of this date, $11,205 has been received from the Fund Raising letter, and is in our checking account. More is expected. We will wait until May to see how much we will request from Friends of the TPL. There is $25,000 left in expenses (payroll, heat, utilities, repairs, etc.), and so we may not need additional monies from the Trustees of Public Funds and the Friends. Future expenditures are listed below in action items, "Expenditures." 

LIBRARIAN'S REPORT: It was brought to our attention that there was an excess of approximately $130 in the transfer station envelope behind the front desk. We spoke of whose money it was, how it got there, and whose it is. The mystery will be uncovered. Winter Evenings was a great success this year. The finale of the Clif program is underway, with Jim Arnosky to speak in June. Young Writers Group, Story Hour, the play group "Birth to 3" are all doing well. Ben brought up the idea of having a tangible laminated library card in the near future. We discussed getting a cleaner for the DVDs and CDs, and how to handle damaged disks returned to the library that went out in good shape. Basement electrical updating and ceiling lights for ArtSpace were discussed. A Baby Changing Station or two (one for each bathroom) is on our lists of purchases/equipment needs (see below). 

TOWN MEETING: An attachment was handed out from Donna Nelson This year's Town Meeting netted, after expenses, $1200. Previous years are as follows: 2014, $1400. 2013, $1400. 2012, $1500. 2011, $1600. 2010, $1300. 2009, $1500. 2008, $1800. 2007, $1100. 2006, $1000. 2005, $800. 2004, $900. 2003, $500. This year, 180 people attended. Sue Barnaby started a folder named "Town Meeting" for future reference.

FUTURE OF FUNDRAISING (JENN HAYSLETT): Jenn's offer still stands to help the library in any way with fundraising. In the interim questions remain: preparing research: VPR, speaking with other libraries, etc. Legacy gifts, and what to do in the event we receive a legacy-who receives the monies (Library, Trustees, Friends of the Library?). What kinds of gifts can we accept and on what/whose terms? Further discussions needed. Sarah suggested to plan the 2016 fund raising letter in June. 

NEW BUSINESS: A new person (or persons, group) is needed to head up the annual book sale on Memorial Day. We spoke of putting an announcement on the TPL website as well as the Front Porch Forum. Additionally, a sign will be put up in the library. New equipment needs listed below. Ben spoke of water dripping down the outer doorway, and the necessity of removing ice dams promptly. Who clears the snow from the roof tops of the Town Hall and other town buildings? 


Equipment Needs discussion at the next meeting:

Basement lighting to be updated to this century.
Library ceiling lights to be purchased to better display ArtSpace.
Disc cleaning/ polishing machine.
PA for Winter Evenings and other library lectures.
Outside library lighting.

Baby Changing Station(s) 


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, April 8th, at 6:30pm 

January 11, 2015

Board of Trustees Meeting

6:00 PM Sunday January 11, 2015

In attendance: Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Anne Mallary, Jean Wolfe, Sarah Scully, Ben Wolfe, Anita Abbot

COMMUNITY IMPUT: We were thrilled to hear the annual Winter Evenings library program brought in 70 people, (and $90.00 in donations), who attended its January 9, 2015 opening night with historian and author Howard Coffin. Refreshments were served for the first time in the Community Room afterwards, instead of the Children's Reading Room, and it was suggested this be the norm for the future.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: We approved the November 2014 meeting minutes report. There was no meeting December 2014.

TREASURER'S REPORT: We have exceeded our fundraising goal, and raised over $8,570.00 at this writing. There was $500.00 given by new donors, and so we met our matching donation ($500.00) from a Tunbridge library supporter. Anne Mallary handed out a spreadsheet for our fiscal year. Additionally, it was requested from Jean Wolfe the Mastercard bills from November and December 2014.

LIBRARIAN'S REPORT: Jean Wolfe reported it had been a very busy time at the library: many CLIF grant books are being processed and put out; StoryHour continues to be well attended, and the current Tunbridge Past/Present photographic exhibit was a success. Jean discussed paying for some equipment for the Winter Evenings program about 8 years ago, out of the goodness of her heart, and the trustees want her to be reimbursed for this expenditure. We also discussed that Winter Evenings was not funded by anything other than donations from attendees, and the suggestion was made to contact Donna Nelson in regards to how much money has been collected over the last 10 years.

We discussed at length the snow removal problem at the library; what is the snow/ice removal policy at the Town Hall in regards to public buildings, and how best to approach the Selectmen with our current snow situation. Specific issues addressed: If it snows all day, are the public buildings shoveled out accordingly, or just once a day? Can we call the snow plower and shoveler more than once a day? When the state plows RT 110, who shovels out the drainage ditch that fronts the library and is adjacent to the library footpath? The basement door at the library is also a fire exit that must be kept cleared. We each received a copy of "Town of Tunbridge Snow Removal Policy" which stated that the library was under the guidelines provided by the Town Librarian and or Library Trustees. Because this definition is open to various and sundry interpretations, Sarah Scully took notes towards writing a concise letter to the Selectboard addressing the library's snow removal needs/guidelines in conjunction with our library hours (and event schedules). This email was amended and accepted by the trustees, and was sent 01/14/15. It is included in its entirety at the bottom of these minutes. Anne Mallary and Anita Abbot will attend the next Selectboard meeting 01/05/2015 to discuss this matter.

UPDATE ON FUNDRAISING LETTER: Thank you notes, envelopes and stamps, plus copies of Tunbridge Past (with additional postage) were handed out to all trustees over the course of the last several weeks.

UPDATE ON EXTERIOR BUILDING WORK: Rob sent us an email saying that the work has "gone smoothly," and that the repairs are almost done. Some repairs cannot be done in the cold wintertime, and will be addressed in the spring. He will bill the Selectboard, and we in turn should get a copy as well.

TOWN MEETING AND TOWN MEETING DINNER: Question raised as to who shall do these events, the Friends of the Library or the library Trustees? At our next scheduled meeting we will address this upcoming matter.

Next meeting Sunday, February 1st at 7:00pm 

October 29, 2014


Board of Trustees Meeting - Minutes

7:00 PM Wednesday October 29, 2014

In attendance: Catherine Freese, Anne Mallary, Jean Wolfe, Sarah Scully, Ben Wolfe, Anita Abbot

Summary of Budget Meeting and Discussions:

  • Several TPL Trustees to meet with the Tunbridge Selectboard on Monday, November 20th to discuss the fiscal 1015 library budget  other questions - specifically ask about lawn mowing and snow removal (we did not budget for the latter.)
  • Discussion of the income and expense of the TPL 2014: our budget rose 1.8% from last year; we are also asking the town for a 2.2% increase in our budget due to inflation: (Salaries and FICA)
  • Rob K. gave us an estimated work bid for the library building's external repairs. In particular he addressed the west side of the building, where most of the rot is greatest. Amount requested: $3000.00

Fund Raising Letter:    

    A generous local patron asked to match any $500.00 donation received from our fund raising letter this year!

    It was suggested that any donation to the library over $125.00 would receive a signed copy of Euclid Farnham's Tunbridge Past. 


  • Trustees to meet on Sunday, November 9th at 2:00pm to discuss the '15 Budget.
  • Trustees to meet with the Tunbridge Selectboard Monday November 10th at 6:30pm (not sure of time)
  • Anita will post a public draft of the Library Fundraising Letter ASAP (google doc this letter to us to read and proof.)
  • Trustees to have received the Grand List of names and addresses for fundraising purposes. (Anne F. does the list by November 13th.)
  • Trustees to meet Thursday, November 20th at 6:00pm. Division of letters, we will divide them by 5, a packet for each of us.
  • Trustees to meet Sunday, November 30th for a Stamping/Stuffing Letters Party: 9:00am.
  • Anita will post "No TPL Trustee Meeting for December 2014" in the usual public places.

Next meeting: January 11th, 2015 at 6:00pm

September 21, 2014


Board of Trustees Meeting- Minutes

4:00 PM Sunday, September 21st, 2014


In attendance: Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Anne Mallary, Anita Abbot, Elaine Howe, Kay Jorgensen


 Please see Jenn's outline of the meeting that was given out for specifics. This meeting minutes will only cover the most salient points outlined, as a lot of material was discussed.

 The group was given an outline of the talk, then we gave our names, our personal histories with the library, and one or two things that we treasured about our library. Jenn kept notes on an easel for later reference. Jenn generously donated her services to us, and gave the trustees ideas to increase and change our current revenue system.

 Current fundraising at the library was discussed, amounts of our recent events given:

    $8000. Plant/Book/Bake Sales

    $500. Town Dinner

    $8000. Fundraising Letter

    $2000. from Friends of the Library

    $5000. from Trustees of Public Funds

Our Expenses were put at $75,000.


New Opportunities: Targeted Letters

    Are we sending letters to local businesses?

    Are we adding all new residents as opposed to library patrons?

    Would two letters be better than one?

 Some More Letter Ideas:

                    Thank Yous for what you (patron) have given; here is what is being done with your monies…

                     On the reverse side of the fundraising letters: Bulleted lists for what is ahead at the TPL in 2015; e.g., Writing Workshops, ArtSpace, Winter Evenings, Story Hour…Jean beautifully                  accomplished this with the Winter Evenings Schedule on one half of a postcard and the other side listing TPL library hours, days open, etc., several years ago.

                     Use Google Docs so we can share our thoughts and ideas as we write these letters collectively.

 New Opportunities: Face-to-Face Requests

Jenn discussed ways to thank and acknowledge our gift givers along with thank you letters; she suggested taking this to another level by actively engaging patrons, listening to their answers to your questions.

          e.g. : Ask a parent(s) How can we improve Story Hour? Listen!


          Can you volunteer your time in lieu of money to help the library? Jenn asked us to think about how much do volunteer hours save the library as a great starting point for this conversation.           Statistically, according to Jenn, if people give more volunteering time, they give more money.


          Ask patrons for advice. Listen! Think about how you can meet people where they are?


          Ask to increase annual giving.


          Ask to consider a legacy gift.


Next Steps


Find others like yourselves who can help the library, think of two people like you, perhaps there are 30-40 more people in the community who feel as passionately about the library and its future.

Do we need a volunteer coordinator?

Do we have programs for kids/teens? Child care?

Encourage the next generation: younger families will be the future trustees and patrons and donors to the library- get them EXCITED about the library, and never forget the previous donors (M. Sporn).

Let people know that they can bequest to the library in your November 2014 Fundraising Letter.

Create a Legacy Society?

Take two library trustees and go to peoples' houses (larger donors). Come well prepared to answer many questions. Can also meet at the library.


Many points to ponder, Jenn graciously offered her services pro bono, and we must write her a thank you signed by all of us…maybe one of Donna's thank you cards at the library?

 Next scheduled meeting: Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 6:00PM


August 17, 2014


Board of Trustees Meeting- Minutes

6:00 PM Sunday, August 17, 2014


In attendance: Catherine Freese, Anne Mallary, Sarah Tischer Scully, Anita Abbot, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe.


It was reported that the ArtSpace reception went well, lots of compliments received. Ben also had favorable comments outside of the library. Chapter books, (early readers) will be moved to the YAF room. A volunteer needs to be found to do signage on the shelves. Roberta was suggested.



The TPL Trustees Meeting of 7/13/14 was read. Amendment to the word "materials money" to be "repair money" in the librarian's report has been made. Minutes were accepted.



Postponed until next meeting (September 21st, 2014 at 4 PM). Discussed was the $100.00 gift of volunteer Anne Peters to create a petty cash box. (Sorely needed.) A separate cash box was discussed for Donna Nelson's goods as well. 



Jean mentioned that she will pay the $140.00 yearly post office box rental fee from the library's credit card. Discussed were options/ideas to help alleviate the work load from Jean at this time, due to personal concerns. We agreed to look into the library's Five Year Plan as well as finding a volunteer coordinator. 



Library employee Marsha Higgins will be on medical leave through September 30th, perhaps longer, and volunteers will be actively sought through the TPL website as well as library patrons. Joanne Goodnow has a list of local people who may be available for these purposes, and has offered to call prospective volunteers. We will actively seek a Volunteer Coordinator. Ben sent out an email to past and present library volunteers specifying times and days we need them most, asking for their availability.



Jenn Hayslett, from the Sharon Academy, is coming to our September 21st meeting with creative ideas as to how to generate more fundraising monies besides that from the yearly Plant/Bake/Book sale in May, and to speak about legacy giving. A suggestion was for her to speak for an hour, followed by a half hour of questions and answers, so as to maximize her time and input with us.

We discussed a legacy program, a "remember the library in your will or trust," with funds being received by the Friends of Public Funds (? help.) The distinction was made between the Friends of the Tunbridge Library, who usually fundraise, in addition to the library's own fundraising. The Friends of the Library do most events…are they serving a separate role? A suggestion was to have members of the Friends attend this September meeting, e.g., Euclid, Donna, and Elaine, to name some. Questions raised were: what do municipal volunteer libraries do to raise money? We will be looking at low input ways to raise money.



Sarah and Ben suggested a new category to the navigation bar: HELP THE LIBRARY. The website is up and looks very good. 



This was tabled until October. Mention was given to snow shoveling as well as lawn mowing and trimming for the library.



JUSTIN FERRO UPDATE: Justin has been paid for his previous work.

Ben reported on three mayor building repairs which need to be addressed, and will get itemized estimates from Justin as well as Rob Kwatowski (sp?) as soon as possible. The three repairs are as follows: The leaking triplet window frame on the west side of the library; the downstairs door needing immediate replacement; framing and skirting board needing replacement along that same wall.  



-Ben to get two itemized estimates for building repairs from Justin and Rob.

-Joanne Goodnow to call town list of interested people for volunteering.

-Help-the-Library link to be added to the TPL website by Sarah and Ben.

-Friends of the Library people to be called to attend our next meeting, Sunday, September 21st at 4:00 PM.

-It was suggested that after September we meet on Wednesday evenings at 7 PM.



Treasurer's Report; Grounds maintenance.

July 13, 2014


Board of Trustees Meeting -Minutes 

6:00 PM, Sunday, July 13, 2014 


In attendance: Catherine Freese, Anne Mallary, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Sarah Tischer Scully, Anita Abbot



Minutes were kept by co-chair Sue Barnaby and were read by Catherine Freese. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes. Please see Trustees Minutes on the TPL     website for the 6/6/14 meeting notes.



There are two bank accounts for the TPL. One is an Operational account, and the second is a Payroll account; e.g. the town appropriation goes into this account and pays wages. This year, we have $2,056.75 left over from the payroll account, which went into the operational account. The operational account has a balance of +$4500.00.  We reviewed the end of year financials. Both income and expenses were lower than budgeted with an overall net of -$700.00. The Friends deposited $14,000.00 into our account with the Trustees of Public Funds. 



Jean Wolfe reported the summers being quite variable in regards to patrons, and an overall increase in wireless users. Anne Comstock and Laura Young have returned as volunteers. A copy of the Birth to Three grant Sue Barnaby received is at the library. Question: Who signs Sue's timesheet? (All four trustees present signed it.) The Cliff Grant organization sent the TPL a list of 900 children's books to choose from this year, Jean mentioned they will work with the Head Start program concurrently.

Repairs money was spent on new rugs. More people are getting connected to Listen Up! Vermont, which offers e-books and audio books. We agreed more information on the TPL website is needed on this. 

A Diaper-Changing-Station is coming to the library. The TPL website's "Help Out" will be used to defray this cost. 

Concerns were raised about the regularity of  the mowing and edging around and behind the library. Anita received a copy of the town mowing contract from Wendy McCullough 7/15/14.



Trustees approved new section of the site for Trustee information and minutes. Ben will continue working on posting information (such as a link to the ListenUp! Vermont program).

Note about communication: all email to Trustees should be sent to the automatic mailing list: library.trustees@tunbridgevt.com, with CC to Jean, Ben, and others as needed.  Communication with library staff (via email and the Contact form on the library website) will remain the same.

The next area of development for the site will be a "Help the Library" (or similar - suggestions on wording welcome) page with information on volunteer opportunities, donation suggestions or "sponsored" items (such as monetary contributions for the diaper changing station); information about donating items for the collections, and other ways that people can help out or give to the library.  Please send information to Sarah for inclusion on this page.

Trustees agreed to post proofread, draft minutes to the website as quickly as possible. Anita will send minutes after each meeting, trustees will review and edit as needed and Sarah will post the proofread draft to the website, to be officially approved at the next meeting. Sarah will also post the agenda for each upcoming meeting when it is set by the chair(s).




Justin has been paid. We will look into the most severe problems to the outside of the building at our 8/17/14 meeting.



Catherine Freese explained the new changes to the Open Meeting Law. 

Our proofed trustee minutes shall be put on line within 5 days of our meetings. The trustee meeting Agenda will be put there as well. At the next month's library trustees meeting, we will approve these proofed minutes. In order to avoid warning each meeting notice will be placed in three places. We will publish our regularly scheduled meeting in the Town report.



The following policy, "Petitions in the Tunbridge Library" was approved by the Tunbridge trustees on July 13, 2014.  

People are welcome to leave petitions in the library vestibule (a bulletin board will be provided), but are asked not to solicit patrons or library staff anywhere on the premises.


ACTION ITEMS:                 

Anne will get cork board for the library vestibule wall for Public Petitions.

Copies of former library trustee secretary Sharon Mee shall be requested for our records presently.

Everyone will send information for the "Help the Library" page via email to Sarah, who will draft the page for the next meeting.


Next meeting: August 17th, Sunday, at 6:00pm


June 6, 2014

Tunbridge Library Trustees Meeting
June 6, 2014  @  6:00 pm

Present:  Catherine Freese, Anne Mallary, Jean Wolfe and Sue Barnaby

-No Community Input

-The Clerk's report was read and accepted with a few changes ( see the updated minutes)

-There was an update from Anne Mallary in  the Treasurer's report as to the year end budgetary
 amounts in each category.  It was suggested to ask the Friends of the Library for $7500
* this year to help with expenses.  So moved.

-Under Old Business we looked at the Library's website together.  Ben and Sarah Scully had 
*working to update and modify the site.  We'll continue at the next meeting to share ideas
*about how to continue to make this as helpful for patrons as we can!  Nice Job so far!
-Jean said Justin Ferro, who had been doing some repairs on the library, was done with the work.
*We'll look at what's next for repairs at the July meeting.

-New Business consisted of reviewing the Memorial Day Sales.  We talked about the trustees' 
*responsibilities to the sale and the town meeting dinner, too.  The discussion ended with
*the thought that the staff takes such a large part in both fund raisers  and "officially" it's our
*job, as trustees, to support the staff.   "Unofficially, a lot of us are also the Friends of the 
*Library, too!

-We tabled the "Public petitions to the library" to the next meeting.

April 13, 2014

Tunbridge Public Library Trustees Meeting


Secretary's Report: In attendance-Catherine Freese, Sue Barnaby, Anne Mallary, Sarah Scully, Anita Abbot. 

Librarian Jean Wolfe and Ben Wolfe

Community Input: Nice comments continuing for the book "Wonder." Reading Hour went very well. A 4th grader commented on the library: "Whoever built this place deserves a high five."

Secretary's Report: See above for last minutes of our informal meeting dated Sunday, March 9th. Sarah Scully absent.

Treasurer's Report: See enclosed chart handed out by Anne Mallary. Anne will send out new TPL Community Room Use Policy. It was passed by  consensus.

Librarian's Report: Story Hour has an age group: babies, toddlers, and parents. 34 children and parents attended the last Story Hour. Jody is excellent and may take off a few months off during the growing season from her duties during Story Hour. We can tap locals: Meg Hopkins, Ben Wolfe, perhaps a featured guest speaker/reader. Winter Evenings and The Vermont Movie events worked well. Donations from these purchased a public viewing DVD for the library. People attending were very generous. Elaine and Ben applied for a grant, but did not get it- a "Rural Library/Cliff Grant." We talked about Winter Evenings Committee doers and non-doers. Different roles could be assigned for the members, so the library staff is freed up at these events. Shades were purchased for the Common Room. Jean asked for mulch for the library yard. Straw, mulch, bark mulch needed. An on-going wish list to be placed on-line on the library web site was suggested by Sue. A very good idea which needs to be implemented by the library web site person(s).

Sue mentioned Family/Friends/Neighbors Grant- she has been paid (first time) and it is going "okay."

Election of Tunbridge Library Trustee Officers: Same as last year, (Catherine Freese and Sue Barnaby Co-Chairs, Anne Mallary Treasurer, Anita Abbot Secretary) ,with Sarah Scully as the new member-at-large.

Meeting Room Policy: We were given copies by Anne. The most salient points were as follows: Out of town groups and individuals are welcome to reserve the room at the  discretion of the library trustees. We are looking into the "Alcohol and Tobacco Use are Not Permitted" clause, to see if a rider is available off of the town's policy or a specific group's own rider. We, as trustees, would need a copy as well. Additionally, groups need to provide their own AV equipment. A security deposit of $30.00 was agreed upon, but not for public committees. Maximum Occupancy was also discussed, as we weren't sure if it was 35 persons. George (? last name) was to be asked.

Repairs to the Building: Justin Ferro gave Ben a $250 estimate to evaluate the library's repairs. The flashing is gone by the front roof. Gutters may be a useful solution. James Howe could possibly help as well. We used the excellent table of Identified Physical Plant Issues written by Ben Wolfe on January 12, 2014 to see the prioritized needs of the building. This chart is available for reproduction for whomever needs a copy.

Trustees Presence on Library Website: Sarah Scully will work on this. Perhaps a link to the Common Room Policy, all trustee phone numbers, etc. This was tabled for now.

Public Petitions: Tabled.

Other?: We discussed long term fund raising; Memorial Day Plant and Book Sale: Most plant volunteers are retiring this year, and new help will be needed: People to tap in this regard included Judie Lewis, Elaine Howe, Rudy Ruddel, Mary Merchant and Kathy Pope (living in Bethel now). This needs to be done as soon as possible.

January 12, 2014

Tunbridge Public Library Trustees Meeting

Secretary's Report- In attendance: Ben, Jean and David Wolfe, Anne Mallary, co-chairs Catherine Freese and Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot

 January 12, 2014

·       Community Input: Fred Pond wants to suggest programs for the new addition room, e.g., VT Coverts Group (book group & discussion) of which he is a member. Anne Peters is a new library volunteer on Thursdays to help Jean Wolfe. A holiday reading program was also suggested. The Tunbridge Fair group is now having their monthly meetings at the library.

·       Secretary's Report: Barbara Kohn resigned in November, 2013. The resignation was handed into the town hall, and we received our notice from her by telephone.  Then, the remaining TPL trustees and library staff put together and stuffed the TPL fund drive letters for the remainder of the meeting.

·       Treasurer's Report: Anne Mallary gave us information that the December and November credit card bill statements did not seem to be paid. (FYI: Anne Fragnella, town treasurer, reported to me the following Monday that they had been automatically paid.) The trustee board members must remember to sign the statements in a timely manner, and the statements must have "Disbursements" clearly written out on every one. $6,794.00 was received as of this date from the fund raising letter ($8,575.00 from 2013). $300.00 to town tax and mowing was added to Maxine Young's report. The checking account has a $5,599.68 balance; savings account $43.82 (Anne Fragnella will close this account very soon and move the money to the checking account, due to high fees to maintain small accounts from Lake Sunapee Bank. I was also told all of the town's accounts may in the future be moved to a Vermont bank such as Mascoma Bank.)  Total interest paid was $6.36. The Trustees of Public Funds Account is $131, 643.78. Someone suggested if it would be possible to take money to increase (budget) salaries at the library for the rest of this fiscal year. The trustees should not have to ask for money until May, $10,000.00 to be taken out then from Friends.

·       Librarian Report: Jean Wolfe: Winter Evenings lecture series and the Archive room continuing meetings have been very time consuming. Therefore, other matters have been slowed way down such as catalogue processing data. A suggestion is to start Winter Evenings earlier in the year, with face to face meetings, so as to take pressure off Ben and Jean Wolfe.

·       Grant Report: Vermont Birth to Three (non registered child caring providers) gave Sue Barnaby a $4,000.00 grant (one of five in-state grants awarded!) which will begin in February and go through May, then September to November 30, 2014. Anne Fragnella was apprised of this the Monday after this meeting. One question brought up was: How do we present this grant to the town report (2015)? Additionally, copies of all written work from Jean Wolfe and Sue Barnaby must be given to Anne Fragnella.  Additionally, Jean Wolfe told us of the large tear in the new counter underlayment in the meeting room. Ben Wolfe volunteered to call George White, the contractor for the room, to fix this.

·       Update on Archive Room: Euclid Farnham, Kay Jorgenesen, Elaine Howe, Fred Pond, Anita Abbot and Mick McGuire met on January 5, 2014 in the archive room to discuss all pertinent concerns. Mick McGuire volunteered his time as a facilitator to hone down all of our thoughts, needs, and desires for the space into definitive, doable goals. He did an excellent job. The meeting ended with the following directives:         Euclid arranging for the electrical tradesman Alan Stender to complete work immediately on : electrical outlet plan and placement / lighting and fixture build-out / new breaker box/ internet wiring. The second step for the archive room is wall framing, fixing clerestory windows (secure from vandalism). As well as wall framing, carpentry, new door, fixing leaks, and partitioning the furnace space. Two new bids have been received by local contractors Michael Gross and Justin Ferro to address this needs in a timely fashion.

·       Also, the Tunbridge Historical Society met on January 19th, (Anne Mallary attended), in the archives room and this is some of what transpired: Mick wants to stay on a two-week meeting schedule. The contractors submitted bids, this time $1,000.00 apart, and not easy to compare. It was voted to have Ben and Euclid work with them and reach an agreement with one for no more than $6,000.00 and four weeks of work. The furnace room door has to be made fireproof, (various configurations) and if the ducts have to be taken down or the sheet rock can be cut around them to reach the ceiling.Fred Pond raised some good points about what needs to be said if someone at town meeting asks what is going on in the basement, and what the agreement with the town/library trustees is and who is responsible for what. And what the archives mission is.

·       Archive Room Continued: Mr. Royce who has treated the furnace before, will look into baffles to be placed into the duct work of the new furnace to secure heat in the room.  Fred Pond wanted clarification of library and Historical Society roles, a "Memo of Understanding" which shall be discussed at our next meeting January 26th.

·       Fund Raising Letter: As was previously stated, $6,794.00 was raised as of this date. Thank you note packets were passed out equally among trustees, from Jean Wolfe,  to write and mail as soon as possible.

·       Repairs to Building: Please see attachment as there are too many to write. Ben Wolfe gave us a very concise, large computer list with headings: Priority Alert~ Problem Type~General Location~ Specific Problem, so we can easily see exactly what needs to be done first. There is substantial water damage and rot to the inside and outside of the library which must be fixed as soon as possible.

·       Community Meeting Space: One group approached the library for a digital mapping and seminar, however, they needed $100.00. They were informed by the staff that the library cannot charge but that donations are acceptable. They passed a hat and it was successful.             Jenna Dixon wanted a T'ai Chi class, and posted a "suggested donation," as she wanted to better understand our policies concerning this room, e.g. do we need heat cost donations?   The Emergency Services Management Committee has no budget...do we ask them for a donation?      The bridal shower for Jody O'Donnell- a donation was given- is it possible to open up the library for these kinds of events? Policies must be refined and made palatable to all persons wishing to use this marvelous community resource. The more clearly and simply we can tell residents and patrons our policies, the better for all concerned.