February 12, 2018

Anita Abbot, Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Linnehan, Jean Wolfe

Community Input

-Patron questioned if library is still sending library event publicity emails -
-yes being sent, need to update individual email address

Secretary’s Report
-minutes from January meeting approved as written

- time sheets available to view in yellow folder

-trustees listed on town web site will update after TMD
 Geoff Hanson is the contact person

Treasurer’s Report

tabled - treasurer absent

Librarian’s Report

-story hour & cartoon group continue to go well

-heat & hot water appear to be working

-drain out front may need to be lowered, ice / water build up at entrance

Old Business
- thank you notes &  cheese gifts sent up to date

New Business

- names for open trustee position(s)

Action Items

- Theresa , Jean & Anita will make contacts with suggested names for perspective trustees

- Theresa will email draft of trustee monthly task lists to trustees & Jean

Next meeting date: March 12th

January 8, 2018

Anita Abbot, Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Linehan, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe

Community Input:

Some concerns raised regarding unattended minors using the library after school. We discussed having a library policy with an age requirement, also suggested that the students be invited to fill out an application for a library card.

Secretary’s Report:

Minutes from December meeting approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report:

None submitted.

Librarian’s Report:

Jean reported the heat is now fixed.

First Winter Evening went well with 55 people attending.

Jean requested that the Trustees sign a statement to enable the town treasurer to pay recurring bills (internet, phone, master card, propane), for efficiency sake. Sarah drafted a statement that we can sign at the next meeting.

Old Business:

Electricians have made some necessary repairs for hot water breaker and freezer. Possible issues remain for the hot water heater. Theresa suggested following up with the electrician about this residual issue.

New Business:

Fundraising to-date is approximately $5,600. Trustees divided up donation slips to send thank-you notes.

Action Items:

- Theresa will talk to electrician about recurring breaker issue.

- Trustees will send thank-you notes for the current round. 

December 11, 2017

Anita Abbot, Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Linehan, Anne Mallary, Sarah Tischer Scully,  Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

Arts Bus was well received - 28 children participated. Santa visit was also well attended.

Positive comments on current art exhibit.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes approved from November 11.

Treasurer’s Report

Process for the direct-debit for some regular monthly bills is still pending.

Presentation on the library budget to the Selectboard went very well and was approved as written.

Anne Mallary had deposited the first round of checks from fundraising (over $2,000). Thank-you notes need to go out.

Anne will meet with Town Treasurer again in January to continue work. 

Communications with Selectboard

It was somewhat unclear which contractor was going to be in charge of snow removal for the year. One representative from the Library needs to clarify our expectations regarding snow removal and salt spreading.

Select board was also informed of upcoming need for repainting exterior of the building, furnace upgrade in the next year or two.

Librarian’s Report

Volunteers have been entering new books in the library catalog.

Heat - Both furnaces are working now.

Hot water - Theresa will call an electrician to come look at why the hot water and freezer/fridge are tripping circuits. Also get the hot water heater in the community room on a switch.

Old Business

Fund raising letter mailing is completed.

The 2016 thank-you gifts have been sent to recipients.

New Business

Theresa asked if Winter Evenings insert would be ready for thank-you notes.

Keychains are available for sale, $12 ea.

Action Items

Theresa will contact an electrician.

Jean will talk to Jackie about snow removal requirements.

Next meeting: January 8, 2018

November 13, 2017

Anita Abbot, Anne Mallary, Theresa Fitzgerald, Sarah TIscher Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

Patrons are concerned about any issue with the furnace working.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from October meeting approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report

Updated expenses & spending to date.

Anne Mallary had received some updated information on current spending (but not credit card data). Anne will meet with Jean to get the rest of the information updated on her report.

Anne Mallary distributed information we will need to work on the budget.

Direct debits due to change of bank - Anne Mallary will address this with town treasurer.

Library received three donations recently. Anita will send acknowledgement letters to those we have contact information for.

Anne Mallary shared information about the pay for the budget for the story hour position.

Librarian’s Report

Book sales have been going well.

Mariah has accepted the story-hour position.

Hot water heater is still having an issue. Jean will contact Ben Linehan to follow up.

Diagnosis of issue with heating system is underway and Dave is looking for a replacement part.


  • Santa is coming on December 9th.
  • Next Saturday is a story hour event, November 25th.
  • Next Artspace opening is Sunday, November 19th.

Old Business

Trustees made some edits to the fundraising letter and approved the final draft.

Trustees signed time sheets for the next few pay periods.

Pewter gift order has been received.

New Business

Budget meeting November 27th.

Select Board meeting November 28th at 6:30 items to discuss include snow removal contract, library budget, painting of building.

Next regular meeting Date: December 11th.

October 23, 2017

Theresa Fitzgerald, Anita Abbot, Anne Linehan, Anne Mallary, Jean Wolfe

Community Input
no comments

Secretary’s Report
Minutes from September meeting were approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Anne plans to meet with town treasurer after November second to get updated on expenses and spending to date.

Need to address direct debit for bills including utilities and credit card due to change of bank.

Librarian’s Report
Heat - Jean called for service, heat is not reliable at this time, not coming on when called for.

Hot water heater - monitor working condition.

Mariah Lawrence will continue as Saturday morning story hour presenter, board will offer pay for 2 hours time per session

Old Business
Library stationary received  & invoice from the printer received.

New Business
Draft annual fundraising letter - Anne Linehan will do this and send via email for edits.
Town report information due December 1.

Action Items
Theresa will call Pete Amber regarding a bill for tree removal
Anne M. will figure hourly rate for story hour.
Jean will follow up with Bob McLean for pewter ornaments.
Library meeting with Select Board is scheduled for November 28th to discuss budget.
Anne L. will draft fundraising letter for review at Nov.13th meeting.

Next meeting Dates

November 13th to approve draft of fundraising letter.

November 27th meet to prepare fundraising packets & approve budget.

September 11, 2017

Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Mallary, Anne Linnehan, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input
Theresa and Jean said Library picnic went well. Approximately 50 people in attendance.

Secretary’s Report
Minutes from August 14 meeting approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Anne didn’t have new information but will give us an updated report next meeting. Thank-you note to special donor has been sent.

Librarian’s Report
Jean would like to have areception event for the Jeffrey Lent book release, possibly as a part of a writer’s or author’s series, and including a children’s event also.

Sunday, September 24th from 2:00 — 4:00 pm is the next Artspace reception.

Jean and Theresa discussed having the Select Board pay for the removal of the large tree - Theresa said she would follow up with that.

Kay Jorgensen has been helpful in sorting book donations for the library and the book sale.

New ILL system with the courier is causing some technical difficulties - Ben is working with other libraries to find better solutions.

Old Business
- Professional printing of thank you notes
Sarah got quotes for 500 printed notes and envelopes:
Spaulding Press, Bethel, $99
Capital Copy, Montpelier $110
Trustees voted to go ahead and order from Spaulding. Sarah will coordinate the order and pick it up.

- Side walk paving, update on the heating, Select Board meeting 9/12 @ 6:00 pm
Theresa will give the Select Board an update on these items and on the tree.

New Business
 - Standing order authorizing payroll
Anne Mallary made a motion that we sign 3 time sheets and approve them retroactively. Voted and approved with 4 votes. Library staff will now be responsible for turning in their time sheets to the town treasurer by her deadlines to get paid.

- Trustees will send a thank-you to the person who removed walkway. Theresa will coordinate a “gift certificate” for books.

- We reviewed the new Tunbridge Library ornaments. Jean will order 25 for thank-you gifts and further fundraising, as well as the supply of covered bridge keychains, also to be sold as fundraising gifts.

Next Meeting
October 16, 6:30 pm

August 14, 2017

Theresa Fitzgerald, Anita Abbott, Anne Mallary, Anne Linehan, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Guest: Ben Linehan, AHT Plumbing and Heating

Community Input

Concerns have been raised that there are, at times, items blocking walkways, stairways, etc. Safety for library staff and volunteers is the concern.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from June 19 read into the meeting and approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report

Anne Mallary distributed the updated report from the end of June.

Anne planned to meet again with the town Treasurer to make sure that the record keeping done by both agrees (in terms of the way that line items and detail are represented).’

Jean let us know that there was another $200 donation received.

Librarian’s Report

Jean said there has been a lot of collections maintenance, including discarding. Summer program happened every week and took a lot of time, with regular attendance. Larger attendance than last year.

Library young readers had the opportunity to participate in the Race to Read at Thunder Road - had a race car on site and kids were able to sign.

Jean reminded us of the library picnic and encouraged Library Trustees to attend. Sunday, August 27th at 12:30 pm - pot luck. Library will provide beverages and ice cream.

Next Artspace opening is September 24.

Ben mentioned that some of the kids at reading group wanted to help out and will try to work with them to find a fun activity.

Old Business

Theresa asked if Library stationary can be commercially printed instead of using the library printers - all agreed.

New Business

Plumbing / Heating information with guest Ben Linehan

Ben Linehan had reviewed the Library's current hot water and heating systems and shared the following:

The existing furnace under the original part of the library is very efficient (93%). Ben didn’t think there would be a problem maintaining or getting a part, and recommended to keep the unit in service and having it repaired as necessary for the next few years. The brand is well known and reliable. If there were a problem Ben recommended just replacing this unit, the most economical solution. He indicated the duct work was in good shape too.

Ben did not recommend looking into a heat pump system for the Library, given the large size of the structure and the associated costs ($15,000 or more). Ben did suggest a heat pump water heater might be a good idea in the future, to replace the existing unit in the original part of the building, because it has dehumidifying capabilities in addition to heating water. For now the Library is using a couple of dehumidifiers in the summer to control humidity in the basement. Ben had recently replaced a malfunctioning thermostat on this existing hot water heater and it is now running well.

Ben observed the 2-gal hot water heater in the community room could be put on a switch to minimize electricity use when the room is not in use.

Side Walk Paving Update

The town has contracted to have public walkways repaved, including the library. There was some confusion as to whether Library is responsible for any of the preparation or cost of this project. Theresa will follow up with the Selectboard to clarify.

Trustee Goals for Fiscal Year

Theresa suggested having a Trustee organizer or point person for some of the ongoing activities and events, publicity, etc. Possible tie-in with the Friends group and volunteer network. For further discussion.

Action Items

Jean will call Dave and schedule a furnace check-up before heating season.

Theresa will email Selectboard to follow up with them about our previous concern over water/heating needs, and let them know we will keep them informed as the furnace continues to age and may need replacement within 3-4 years. Theresa will also clarify the questions about upcoming paving.

Sarah will get quotes on printing costs for blank Library stationary at two local presses.

Next Meeting (tentative)

Monday, September 11, 2017

June 19, 2017


Anne Mallary, Anne Linehan, Anita Abbot, Sarah Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe, Town Treasurer Becky Hoyt

DRAFT to be approved at next meeting.

Community Input

Timely reply of thank you notes.

Secretary’s Report

Minutes from May were approved, pending a few typo corrections.

Treasurer’s Report

Updated balances as of 6-5-2017 was shared and reviewed.

    Just about on track in most categories; slightly over on payroll.

    Added a column for new budget year.

     Need $7,000 for health insurance reimbursement.

    We will ask Friends first for the needed funds ($9,000 total including health insurance) and fallback on Trustees of Public Funds for any gap.

Jean mentioned plans for making of a bench out of the wood from the old tree.

Librarian’s Report

Summer programs have started.

Weekly or monthly regular volunteer status?

We have a volunteer to sell books during the Jenny Brook weekend (at the Fairgrounds).

Jean has spent down outstanding budget categories.

Circulation desk coverage on Saturday mornings - Jean would like another person to help out. Anne Mallary said she would help identify candidates.

Old Business

Anita gave an update from meeting with the Selectboard re: furnace & sidewalk maintenance.

    Blacktop fix for sidewalk is on the Selectboard’s schedule for repair.

    Select board will pay for the cost to have the tree removed. Jean will follow up with Peter Amber about billing the town.

    Furnace - Selectboard asked for the Library to get an estimate before they approve funds.

Next steps: Get a reading from Dave about what he expects would happen for the next heating season.

Ben Linehan could bid on new system. (Need 2 more quotes?)

Ben will come to a meeting and explain what options we might want to consider.

Ben Linehan looked at hot water heater and will be back to repair it.

Wireless printers - Ben Wolfe had some questions. Sarah volunteered to help if problems are persistent.

Art Space - Tunbridge & SoRo fiber groups working with Fern to coordinate show

Recurring meetings are now set for the second Monday of the month.

New Business

Inquire about printing of thank you note cards.

Jean and Trustees were concerned about a lack of personalization.

Next meeting in August: Prepare to look at fund raising events and volunteer coordination.

Meeting with the Town Treasurer

Change in town accounting system is coming. Previously used Quickbooks and the Library was a separate Company with this system (NEMRC), the Library should be a department in the town (because of the shared tax ID). Becky has been setting up a new chart of accounts in the new system. Also asked if we could write a letter to grant permission to move the Library checking account from Bar Harbor / Lake Sunapee to Mascoma. Trustees voted to approve.

Becky gave us a new chart of accounts to review. She asked us to follow this new chart of accounts when we submit budgets.

Trustees will still sign orders which may be reviewed by the Selectboard.

Action Items

Anne Mallary will meet with Town Treasurer to review new Chart of Accounts.

Anne Mallary will contact our Friends representative about requesting the needed funds from the Friends of the Library.

Jean talk to the contractor about the furnace.

Jean will put another call for volunteers in the Tunbridge Quarterly.

Ben Wolfe will followup with advertising the One Click e-book and audiobook service.

Anne Linehan will ask Ben Linehan to come to our August meeting.

Next Meeting

Monday, August 14 at 6:30 pm

May 10, 2017

Tunbridge Library Trustees Meeting
Attendees: Anne Mallory, Anne Linehan, Theresa FitzGerald, Anita Abbott, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input :
- Holes in pavement at the road edge of walkway / drain grate

Secretary's Report:
- Draft minutes from 4/12 meeting were read aloud and approved 

Treasurer's Report:
- Review monthly and year-to-date balances
- Suggestion to add additional column on spread sheet for new year budget (ie. 2017-2018)
- Discussed increasing hours due to cleaning of community room with increased use
- Cleaning assistance in basement should be on library payroll 

Librarian's Report:
- Story hour(s) attempting to cover the span of ages from very young to young adolescent
- New volunteer
- Still need information for thank-you note for the new bequest in their will.
- Discussion about new tree planting placement and species best for location.

Old Business:
- Building maintenance: hot water &  furnace.
- Mesh network for improved WiFi in building has been ordered 

New Business:
Community room use & need for increase cleaning hours.

Action Items:
- Anita: Scheduled elect board meeting May 23rd re: furnace, sidewalk repair
- Theresa: contact Carrie & Sarah re: fiber group for Art Space
- Jean and Ben will work on publicizing the One Click service for e-books and audiobooks.

Next Trustee meeting date: June 12th - Monday. 
Time Sheets to be signed by: Friday May 19th  & May 31st 

April 12, 2017

Attendees: Theresa Fitzgerald, Anita Abbot, Anne Mallary, Anne Linehan, Sarah Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

1. Community Input

Tree in front of the library hast been taken down. Patrons have commented that they like the new larger screens on the public computers.

2. Secretary'sReport

Minutes read at the meeting and approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report

Anne M. distributed a spreadsheet from March 6, 2017. She is waiting on a chance to meet with the Town Treasurer to get the latest information.

Jean has spent $2,800 on books and materials (of $3,200).

Equipment:  $323.74 for refurbished Apple computer.  $350 - $400 for new Wifi router.

Furnace inspection: $97

Checkbook at $6,600 as of March 6.

4. Librarian’s Report

Computers are working pretty well. Need some followup on tech support from Systems Plus - Microsoft Office installation. Theresa will contact Jason again to ask them to finish the installation properly.

Had a nice reception with the new Art Space installation.  Fern has been very well organized as Art Space Coordinator.

Story hour and after school programs are going well.

Letter from the VT Community Foundation - someone has left funds to the Tunbridge Public Library. First distribution will be in February 2018 for “programs and operations”.  Euclid can tell us to whom we should send a thank-you note.

Pewter ornament is still in progress. Jean and Ben are working with the artist.

Eileen is working with Jean and Ben to choose a replacement for the large tree that was taken down in the front.

5. Old Business

- Hot water heater.

Ben and Jean are going to contact Ben Linehan for a diagnosis on the current hot water heater and get a quote for new system(s).

- Furnace update

Furnace repair required special part but furnace is no longer made and should be replaced. Will be important to ask the Selectboard for extra funds before winter 2017/2018. Theresa suggested that the Library consider humidification, air conditioning, and heat as a total package, perhaps new technology to save on long-term costs.

- Update on Ethernet / Wifi

Sarah will create a separate wifi network for Library staff computers.

Issue of Fairpoint vs. Comcast and what devices are on which part of the network?  Sarah suggested that 

the library choose just one service, not two, so that all computers and peripherals are on one system.

- Email

Sarah is testing a Google Group since the tpl.trustees address is not forwarding as it should.

6. New Business

- Friend's of the Library meeting info.

Ben is working with Friends on some ideas for the spring fundraising activities.

* Next Trustee Meeting Dates:

May 10th and June 14th

Time Sheets to be signed by: Saturday April 15th - to clerk on April 16th.

- Trustees signed at the meeting.

Action Items

Jean will contact Euclid about sending a thank-you note for the new bequest in their will.

Ben will purchase the Wifi mesh unit and schedule setup with Sarah.

Theresa will contact Systems Plus about the Microsoft authorization.

Theresa and Anita will speak with the Selectboard about planning for a new furnace.

Jean will speak with Ben Linehan about the water heater and possibly a quote for new system(s) for heating, water, and air conditioning.

March 22, 2017

TPL Minutes 3-22-2017  6:30 pm

Anita Abbot, Anne Linnehan, Theresa Fitzgerald, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

    New volunteer might be helping with the Library’s Facebook page.

Secretary’s Report

Names omitted to protect anonymity. Read in at meeting and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Jean will ask Anne to email us with the current version of the spreadsheet.

Librarian’s Report

Some problems with the heating system that Jean and Ben are working with technicians to sort out.

New computers are here!

Euclid presented a classic movie night - 14 attendees. Next one is April 1. Story hour and cartoon workshop also taking place twice monthly.

Fiber Group is meeting twice per month also.

ArtSpace - April 9th is next opening. Lots of art coming in to the library over the next couple of months!

April 7th is Next Winter Evenings - Felicity Swayze.

Community Room use is picking up steadily.

Budget spending priorities: book and materials are a priority.



Ben said that a new wireless router would cover more of the library square footage; setup of internet.

Sarah will help with cleanup of internet equipment cleanup, suggested buying a WIFI mesh router to improve signal throughout the building. Sarah will work with Ben on the purchase.


Election of Officers

Theresa and Anita elected co-chairs.

Anne Mallary elected Treasurer and Theresa will work with Anne Mallary to learn about the Treasurer’s job.

Sarah elected Secretary - asked that chairs send an agenda via email before each meeting.

Old Business


Theresa is working with Ben to make the timesheet filling out and submission more efficient.

Meeting Schedule

Trustees agreed to keep our second-Wednesday of the month schedule. Next meeting is Wednesday April 12th at 6:30.




February 8, 2017

Attendance: Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot, Anne Mallary, Sarah Tischer Scully, Theresa Fitzgerald, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Concerns

The person who donated funds asked when the library will purchase computers.

One of the water heaters is not working (kitchen and front bathroom). Anita suggested calling Steve Gallagher in Chelsea. Jean will follow up.

Secretery's Report

Sue will send Sarah the minutes from the last meeting.


Treasurer’s Report

Anne will send Sarah the spreadsheet from last time for minutes.

From 1-27-17 $8000 in the checking account.

$8,609 from fundraising so far.

Nothing unusual in terms of bills.

Sue reminded us that we’d want to spend remaining money starting in April - good reminder for that meeting.


Librarian’s Report

Ben has been researching Internet options. Proposing that staff/phone have an account for a closed internet and keeping Charter for public wifi access for the speed.

Children’s programs and story hour have been running smoothly. Amy Bogardus may offer a special “sugaring” story time.

Library staff have been working on clearing out unwanted donations.

Jean expressed concerns about the emergency exits not operating properly in the main part of the library.

(The one in the new community room is easy to check.) She’s written to Simon to check and make sure they’re working properly with full battery etc.

Fern Strong is the new Art Space coordinator.



Sarah asked for email addresses for the Trustees to set up the new forwarding address.

New address is tpltrustees@gmail.com



First and third Mondays.

Next time-sheets will be ready February 18th. and due on the 20th.



Sarah and Anita consulted with Jean and Ben about the library’s computer needs. They will go to Systems Plus to purchase the equipment and schedule installation, including transfer of files from the older machines.

Requested: New desktop for librarian's office; new desktop for front desk; new desktop to replace broken patron computer. Laptops as budget allows. Two or three new keyboards needed to replace old ones.

Sarah will also research options for printers, scanners, and/or fax multipurpose machine.

Next Meeting, Wednesday, March 22, 6:30 pm.

Next Timesheet signing February 19th.

January 18, 2018

Attendance: Anita Abbott, Anne Mallory, Sue Barnaby, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input
Side walks not being adequately shoveled or salted.

Clerk’s Report
Approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report
Spreadsheet handed out by Anne

Librarian’s Report
Fern Strong is anew volunteer - great worker; she may help out with Friends to do Art Space.
Old basement needs a dehumidifier.
Kids & parents came to library.
2 new Fair Point phone lines - one for staff and one for patrons
Cost about the current bill. Voice mail $130 for each line set up cost. Need new modem.

8:00 PM Sunday - deadline for signed time sheets

Next meeting:  February 8th 2017

December 14, 2016


Anita Abbot, Sue Barnaby, Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Mallary, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

Donations from the fundraising letter have been coming in steadily.

Clerk’s Report

Minutes approved from November meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Fundraising letter has brought in approximately $4,900 so far. Last year’s total was approximately $10,000.

Current bank balance is $6,091. Most expenses so far have been for utilities, books, and postage. Anne will get the current spending information to us as soon as her computer is fixed.


Budget Meeting

Sue and Anne made the presentation to the Selectboard. The budget presented was about 3% higher than the previous year. Selectboard members asked about outside vs. inside work; the Town is responsible for outside work and maintenance on the building vs. inside work paid for from the Library budget. Sue mentioned sidewalk work and taking down the tree as possible needs this year.

Ann will follow up with Selectboard to find out if they approved our proposal.

Also heard from Selectboard that Vermont League of Cities and Towns is coming to do a building inspection at the Library and other Town Buildings for insurance purposes.

Librarian’s Report

Approximately 50 participants for “Santa & Mrs. Clause” visit.

Ben said there are some new faces at story hour. “Stone soup” event that kids helped prepare.

Movie night before the election. This was well received. Reading challenge over Christmas break and there’s a share-and-tell event after for kids to report on their books.

We discussed whether the library staff needed help preparing for the building inspection. Jean suggested paying for extra hours for staff to help her with the work and Trustees agreed.

Jean mentioned that the outside lights were not in Simon’s original estimate, so there is an outstanding bill for approximately $200 (still in budget). The lights are now positioned correctly for safety. Jean said the contractors who are working on the iron railing will be by soon to start that work.

Winter Evenings schedule has been set and calendar will be included in the fundraising thank-you letters.

Jean has identified a possible candidate to the ArtSpace coordinator. Jean will speak with her further. Sue asked about paid vs. volunteer and Jean had mentioned the possibility of a stipend, which will have to be approved and paid by the Friends of the Library.


Kay Jorgensen is donating $5,000 to the library for computers, and for an IT Specialist to transfer the data from the old machines. Anita has offered to go with Ben to a shop that specializes in getting equipment for non-profit organizations.

Two desktop computers (one for Jean, one for the desk), and 3 laptops - Ben looking at Chromebooks because of the built-in security and privacy. Possibility of turning one of the machines into a “lookup” station for browsing the collection.

Suggested getting the IT support from Systems Plus and comparison-shopping for the purchases.

Ben suggested using the “equipment replacement” fund for replacing printer, scanner or other needs.


Library staff member will email Trustees when timesheets are ready. Trustees will make sure that timesheets are signed and in the drop box in the Town Offices by 8:00pm on Sunday so that the Treasurer can process them on Monday.

Trustees email

Sarah will set up a new group email address for the Trustees.

Next meetings

Wednesday, January 11, 6:30 pm

Wednesday, February 8, 6:30 pm

November 9, 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Jean Wolfe, Theresa Fitzgerald, Anne Mallary, Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot, Sarah Tischer Scully

Community Input

Jean has asked Simon to adjust outside lights to a better angle (had heard from community members). Also some concerns about taking out the tree. Peter and Rudy will make a decision.

Clerk's Report

Clerk’s minutes approved from meeting of October 12th.


Treasurer’s report and budget update

Ann had updated budget and will distribute it to everyone (Sue and Sarah weren’t here for second meeting.)  $84,824 is the final draft number on the total budget, with amount from taxes at $58,224.  Ann suggested that we request $1,000 from Trustees of Public Funds extra (ask for 7 instead of 6) and decrease amount from taxes to $57,224.

$2,469 total budget increase (3%), 4.2% increase raised from taxes. If we reduce to the $57,224 it will be 2.5% increase from taxes. Largest budget item increase is from salary/FICA.

Sue proposed that we keep the increase at 2.5% in the proposal to the Selectboard and Trustees agreed. Sue will get us on the next available agenda (Nov 14 or 21).


Librarian’s Report

Increased use of the Community Room lately, including one request from someone that was wanting a meeting to have a discussion on “energy”. Ann will work with Jean to craft a response.

Community story time was very successful.

Donna is setting up the upcoming sale.

New railing is going in around Thanksgiving. Cost is ~ $900.


Fundraising Letter & Process

For the “level up” incentive we have an option to design the ornament for $50 to create a design - Sue and Jean will contact the artist to work out the design.

A couple of donors from last year were anxious that we got their money, cashed their checks, and sent a thank-you note in a timely manner. Resolved to do better this year.


Old Business

We don’t have an Artspace Coordinator, but there is an upcoming show (collage by Mitch and Ann Beck), opening in January.

Sue will follow up with Catherine about the Friends paying for a position and whether they wanted to find the next appointee for the position. (Stipend directly from the Friends, NOT payroll.)


Action Items

  • All - send any information for our part of the Town Report to Jean.
  • Finish fundraising letters (Sarah).
  • Jean will finalize the design for the ornament.
  • Sue will contact Selex about getting on their agenda.
  • Sue will talk with Becky Hoyt about payroll.
  • Sue will follow up with Catherine F. about Artspace.

October 12, 2016

Library Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, October 12 , 2016   6:30 pm

Attending: Anita Abbott, Anne Mallory,  Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe ,Theresa FitzGerald, 

Community Input

 Verizon network extender is in place.


Clerk’s Report



Treasurer’s Report

Fiscal year 17/18 :  updated income & tax figures, salaries and health insurance 


Librarian’s Report

Outdoor lighting needs a timer and need to be properly aligned for auto on/off 

Rear basement door light needs update/repair. 

Asphalt entry path needs sealing to maintain and prevent further water/weather damage

Phone / Internet search continues for best option in terms of cost and level of service


Fundraising Letter

Revision suggestions reviewed & changes made. Work meeting scheduled for Oct. 26th @ 6:30 to finalize and prepare for mailings.


Old Business

Art Space : no action taken


Action Items

Ben will provide spread sheet of phone / internet options

Jean will follow up with Simon on lighting and village for asphalt maintenance

Anitia will take input for fund letter, revise & send out asap

Anne will continue to revise Fiscal 17/18 budget based on input from meeting

September 28, 2016

Library Trustees Meeting

Wednesday, September 28, 2016   6:30 pm

Attending: Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbott, Jean Wolfe, Theresa FitzGerald, Sarah Tischer Scully

Community Input

Anne asked about the Verizon network extender. Suggested asking AT&T if they would also send one.

Sue got a question about Library Hours on Saturday (website needs to be updated as well), said the change was due to Story Hour at 9:00 am.

Clerk’s Report

Approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report

Some new memorial contributions have come in recently. 

Anne will reconcile the library’s bank balance with Town Treasurer’s accounting across the FY gap, and do the end-of-year report, as well as finalizing our budget proposal to the Selectboard.

Librarian’s Report

Last book sale of the season went off well - over $500 in fundraising over the course of the Summer. September saw 2 story hours, which Ben has lead so far.

New lights inside for the art look great. The outside lights are improved and just need a timer.

Need to look at Emergency Exit lighting - did not work properly during last power outage.

Racer-car reading challenge was very well received by the kids.

Sue proposed sending a thank-you letter to Kay for helping with the book sale, etc. Sue will send a card.

State Library cutback letters

Perhaps waiting until after November - asking Sarah Buxton or Mark McDonnald who would be the best contact. Sarah S. suggested asking other boards of trustees to ask if they’d be interested in sending a similar letter.

Archive Room

On hiatus because of the Fair.

Fundraising Letter

Pewter key rings or ornaments? Jean will check with her contact about that possibility.


    Finish list by early OctoberL List is in good shape for this year - just need to add new patrons and new-to-town folks (Jean and Ben will do this). Sue will proofread the list also.

    By October 12 meeting we’ll decide on an incentive gift and have finalized letter.

    By November 1 Jean will have packets ready: envelopes, donation slip, Library Calendar insert, letter, and stamps.

    Trustees pick up packets, customize letters and send by mid-November.

    Gather the Trustees to start thank-you process after Thanksgiving.

New Business

ArtSpace update - Betsy has stepped down, wrote a letter to the Trustees but this is a Friends program - they should take action to find a replacement.

Two artists are booked for November, January but waiting to hear confirmation from someone that the Library has approved the start dates.


Sue called Jen Hayslett to find out about next steps for fundraising advice, waiting for a better time to continue the discussion.

August 10, 2016

Attendance: Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbott , Ben Wolfe, Jean Wolfe, Anne Mallary, Sarah Scully, Theresa Fitzgerald

DRAFT to be approved at next meeting.

Community Input

Ben got good parental feedback on the summer reading program.

Charter was unresponsive when modem failed. Took several days to get service restored. For $20/mo the library could have unlimited long distance.


Secretary’s Report

Approved as read.


Treasurer’s Report

Budgeted expenses were ~ $10K lower than projected (did not spend money on repairs, spent approximately $4,500 less on payroll, $900 for equipment replacement). Amounts for unspent funds will roll over.

Income was 91% of projected because we did not request money from Trustees of Public Funds. Income from fundraising and gifts was 112% of projected.

Not many of the ornaments went out last year for the fundraiser incentive. The library can sell extras at holiday time this year.


Librarians’ Report

VINS program was successful - didn’t have as many kids as expected but had a lot of adults. Good speaker.

The Race Car event has been a mixed success - the final parts of the event series are happening at the end of August so that kids are back from vacation.

Story Hour has been on break and will start up again on Saturday mornings.

Last book sale of the summer is this week.


Budget Planning

We used the worksheet that the Treasurer provided.

Books: Increase to $3,500 (expected Overdrive costs to increase)

Membership: $800 (expect ListenUp VT! dues to increase)

Programs: Slight increase $850 

Phone & Internet: Increase to $1,450 so that the library has the option of $20/mo for unlimited long distance.

State Library has initiated long-distance courier service for ILL but it is expensive - we are opting out of this for now.

Electricity: $1,800 (-$100)

Equipment replacement: $800 (-$100)

Total budget increase on this draft: $385

Fundraising Letter

Anita will draft a letter and send to us.


New Business

In light of the gutting of State Library staff, it was suggested that we write letters to representatives (including Sarah Buxton, Mark McDonald) to support funding for State Library system.


Next Meetings

September 28

October 12


Agenda Items

Finish budget (payroll)

Review fundraising letter draft and timeline.

Update on history archive.

Bequest planning or other fundraising ideas from Jen.

Letter to state government on behalf of state library services.


Action Items

Anita will draft and email a fundraising letter to us.



June 15, 2016

In attendance: Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot, Anne Mallary, Sarah Scully, Jean Wolfe

Community Input

One parent was concerned about the time that food was served at a recent event (later because of program schedule).


Treasurer’s Report

Jean will be reimbursed for health insurance. Books line item has been spent to the 100% limit. Library still needs to order the computers per this year’s plan. Extra hours for payroll (for custodial) will be added and we will be under budget for this item. Anne suggested we ask for $7,500 from the friends to finish out the current fiscal year and until we send our fundraising letter in the fall. We do not need to draw on the Trustee of Public Funds. 

Sarah moved that we ask the Friends for the $7,500 to support the library budget and the motion was approved unanimously. Anne will talk to Donna about the request.


Librarian’s Report

Jean did talk to Kay about the railing and the specialist is busy, but Kay will follow up with him.

Kay is going to try some off-season book sales to tie in with events at the fairgrounds.

Next week there will be an event for the summer reading program involving a race car. Kids who complete the program will be able to sign the car at the end of the summer.


Old Business

Art Space Agreement underwent one minor revision and was approved, with detailed attachment from Geoff Hansen.


New Business

July meeting is cancelled.

Next meeting is August 10th at 6:30 pm. Following meetings on September 28 and October 12.

Sue suggested that we ask Jen Hayslett to speak to us again about fundraising (specifically bequests), and invite Friends as well. Tentatively suggested for September/October meeting depending on Jen’s availability.


Action Items

Jean will send electronic copy of the Agreement for Art Exhibitors to Sarah.

Sarah will update the agreement with this evening’s changes and Geoff Hansen’s attachment and re-send final version to all.

Sue with contact Jen about speaking to us at a fall meeting.


Agenda items for next meeting

Ideas for “bonus incentive” for the fundraising letter

Budget planning


Future Agenda Items

Complete budget

Fundraising letter

Bequest planning

May 11, 2016

Library Trustees Meeting

May 11, 2016, 6:30 pm

Attendance: Sue Barnaby, Anita Abbot, Anne Mallary, Theresa Fitzgerald, Sarah Tischer Scully, Jean Wolfe, Ben Wolfe

Community Input

    Ben - New Vista informational meeting at the Library was well attended and appreciated.

    Patrons are interested in learning more about the Listen Up Vermont! audiobooks. Perhaps a drop-in? Sarah might be able to help. (Tunbridge Photo is May 21 at 9:30 am.)

Secretary's Report

Secretary’s report from April 13, 2016 was read in summary and approved.

Treasurer's Report

Anne received updated information from the Town Treasurer (May 10) - some line items need to be split out. Town tax will cover for outstanding payroll. Jean needs to put in for her health insurance and spend down last amounts for supplies and books. Jean will have a list of invoices for orders for Trustees to sign (simplified purchasing process via reimbursement).

Fundraising Supplies line item is up ($600) because of purchase price of the ornaments from this year’s incentive.

We may not have to ask Trustees of Public Funds for money this year depending on the final month’s expenses.

Anita and Ben asked Anne why Charter is different every month - because of long distance charges or other fees? Ben suggested investigating flat-rate for long distance.

Librarian's Report

    A couple of new student volunteers have started. Emma Hansen and Tommy, helping with shelving project. 

VINS Raptor event in June will kick off the summer program.

Jean wanted to ask how much money is available in the salary fund for custodial dollars for some special tasks (such as digging plants, washing windows, etc).

Computer Replacement - Nine hundred dollars are available for equipment replacement in this year’s budget. Tentative would be 2 public access machines and a laptop. Sue added a reminder to budget with this intention - to replace a certain amount of equipment each year.

Old Business

    Memorial Day plant, book & bake sale - Theresa had some comments and questions about the Plant Sale.

    ArtSpace Contract - We reviewed the current draft and made some more updates and clarifications to the text. There is a companion document that describes the duties of the ArtSpace Coordinator, which Anita will forward to everyone.

Theresa will send a copy of both the Policy and the Coordinator position description to Betsy for her input. 

    Lighting  - Simon has a list of which lights and fixtures (smoke alarms) need to be replaced or updated.

    Railing - Jean will check with Kay Jorgensen about her contact who worked at Justin Morrill Homestead.

New Business

    Time Sheets signed June 3-4.

Action Items

    Anita will circulate draft of ArtSpace Coordinator position that goes with ArtSpace Contract

Sarah will circulate updated draft of ArtSpace Contract

    Theresa will send copies of both the coordinator position description and contract to Betsy for her comment (and ask her to send comments before our next meeting or come to our next meeting if she would like to discuss in person).

    Theresa is going to contact Catherine about Friends input for Plant Sale

Next Meeting

    Wednesday, June 8th, 6:30 pm

    Agenda Items

End of fiscal year business        

         ArtSpace Contract and Position Description - final review

        Building updates/maintenance: railing, lighting