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Why Do Ferns Blow in the Wind?

Dear Dustbunny,  ... Why do ferns blow in the wind?


They like to lean over and talk to friends.  Just like we talk to our friends on earth.  Ferns talk with melodic whispers.  Perhaps you have heard them when all else is quiet... Some people have said, "this is just the wind...," but I know differently.  Here's how I learned the truth...

One day I was looking under my bed for a shoe, when I found a wild animal.  He was fuzzy and cuddly, and he made me sneeze.  I named him 'Dustbunny,' mostly because I wanted him to have a totally out of place name that didn't suit him at all. Dustbunny told me that he met a fern that whispered.  He took me to her, and I believed.